Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Should Nintendo Stop Innovating And Make A Traditional Console?

So, what do you think?

No, not at all. Innovatio... 122 33.42%
Not really, but I'd like... 92 25.21%
Don't know. Time will tell? 11 3.01%
Yeah, more less. Traditional is good. 47 12.88%
Absolutely. PS4 and Xbox ... 52 14.25%
What's "traditional" anyway? 19 5.21%
Show me the answers! 22 6.03%
Nem said:
OdinHades said:
Yeah, because the other consoles today aren't already boring enough.

I have to utterly refute this notion.

What do you play? Hardware or games?

Yup, I think at this current point in time, we desperately need innovation in SOFTWARE. Hardware innovation is really not currently the holy grail everyone makes it out to be.

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Everybody is innovating, not just Nintendo, and Nintendo was innovating before the Wii/DS days.

3D graphics was an innovation
Joystick on controllers was an innovations
rumble was an innovation
Online gaming was an innovation
Disc based consoles were an innovation
Digital games was an innovation
being able to read a CD, DVD or bluray  was an innovation
Making an affordable 4k console is an innovation

And so on and on, but a good innovation is one that doesn't jack up the price, that will actually be used by gamers, and that won't force the system to have poor graphics.

Nintendo used to know the balance, between all this, and then the Wii came.

Of course not. The videogame market would be boring if we only have "traditional" consoles. Innovation is good for us.

They can try to innovate but not by using extremely weak and outdated hardware which makes competition and also innovation impossible. As a long term Nintendo fan, for me it is really saddening to see the company dying as a result of making one wrong and fatal decision after another.

Nem said:
OdinHades said:
Yeah, because the other consoles today aren't already boring enough.

I have to utterly refute this notion.

What do you play? Hardware or games?


Because most of the exciting games nowadays are on the ps4 and xb1. So, i can't possibly understand how theres anything boring about that.

It's boring because consoles of today are basically PCs. But I already have a PC. So the consoles are collecting dust, I only play with them every once in a while when there's some exclusive title that I'm interested in.

I used the PS3 way more for multiplatform, because it still was a classic console at its heart. Get a game from the store, pop that sucker in and begin playing. Nowadays there are mandatory installs that take ages, updates are just as frequent as on PC and it all in all just feels so much like gaming on PC. Sony and Microsoft basically brought all the negatives from PC to the consoles until now. 

Of course that's just my personal opinion and you're free to disagree. But for me, the current consoles are the most boring ever. 

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etking said:
They can try to innovate but not by using extremely weak and outdated hardware which makes competition and also innovation impossible. As a long term Nintendo fan, for me it is really saddening to see the company dying as a result of making one wrong and fatal decision after another.

What do you mean by dying?

I think the point here is what us gamers see as standard. When PS4 and XOne launched, they became that standard. Everything with less functions and less graphic horsepower than that is considered obsolete. And that's normal. There's nothing wrong in wanting a Metroid with Mass Effect Andromeda graphics. Nothing wrong in wanting a Zelda with Witcher 3 graphics, diversity and greatness. Not transforming Nintendo IPs in the same games from the competition, but just having the same standard things we have from them. People (in majority) like Nintendo not by their innovation in hardware, but for their inovation in software. Nintendo, even now, continues to create new and refreshing gaming experiences. Like Splatoon and ARMS. They are different from the same gray shooters we see year after year. And there's nothing wrong in wanting to see that new and refreshing ideas coming along the standard functions and graphic level we expect in 2017.

I understand that innovating in hardware supports the idea that a console is a console and not a PC and that's great. But a good part of gaming community just choose console over pc because of price and simplicity. In that sense, Nintendo picked the right thing when decided to use cartridges over discs, eliminating (probably) install time. Simplicity all over. Also, a $299 price is a good price for a gaming machine. But for that price, people in 2017 expect at least power to play Xbox One games. In 2017, people expect good online functions with voice chat and free decent games for the online subscription. People expect Netflix to be there at the beggining. That is the fucking standard.

I don't want Nintendo to be just like M$ and Sony. And I don't think the majority of people would have a problem with Nintendo innovations and gimmicks if they had decent graphics, standard controller option and all the third party support with complete games equal from the competition. Honestly, with a bit of aggressiveness, Nintendo could kick M$ out of the market (there's no space for 3 consoles anymore, Xbox One sales shows it). Still can, if they treat the Switch as portable and launch a capable HC along the PS5 in a few years. Not dropping innovation. Maybe make it a little (just a little) less powerful, but with some unique features (along the majority of features that PS5 will have) and let their incredible IPs be played along all the great IPs that come from thirdies. That could work.

But in this moment, Switch was exactly the right choice. Nintendo couldn't afford a expensive failure. A powerful machine won't compete with a PS4 already established in the market and the XOne that took the rest. The next generation (if it ever exists) will be the chance (maybe the last) for Nintendo making a powerful console. But I'm quite sure that Ninty won't do that. 

NATO said:
Alkibiádēs said:

Who says they were happy with the PS3? A lot of Wii U owners will move on to the Switch, does that mean it's a succesful console or that they were happy with it? 

Sure, hopefully they do, but even at 100% wiiu owners buying switch, that's a pittiful amount for a console :)

To be fair, one of the reasons the Wii U failed was terrible (and lack of) marketing. There probably a pretty good amount of people who don't even know the Wii U existed or are confused as to what it does (is it an add-on to the Wii or is it entirely new?).

Hopefully, with new marketing (I.e., the Super Bowl commercial, mobile, etc.) there will be more people who will understand what the Switch actually does. This will get the name out there unlike the Wii U during its initial run.

Ok, difficult topic. On one hand I am always in favor of innovation and trying new things. The possible Danger of finding yourself in an oversaturated market should they go the traditional high-power route being added shows further possible problems.
But I think we all should remember that the only thing worse than not innovating is innovating for the sole sake of innovation.

What is needed is the right kind of balance between tradition and innovation.
The Wii is a great example: It innovated in one, clear, easyly understood way: Motion Controls. Thats it! There was no more to it! You didnt even have to use them, hell some of the best games barely (Mario Galaxy) or never (Xenoblade) used them in the first place.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Wii U with a clunky controller that nobody, neither developers nor customers, really knows what to do with, but a myriad of functions: extra screen, gyroscope, NFC, Camera, touchscreen, etc...
The Idea in itself wasnt bad, but the execution was.

This is why the Switch looks equally awesome and worrysome:

It has crystallized the original Idea behind the Wii U to its purest form: giving us the flexibility to play where- and however we want, and it looks beautiful!

But it also sports several features that nobody seems to understand, namely HD Rumble and that IR Camera thingy!
HD Rumble at least sounds interesting, but the camera feels like a classic case of innovation for innovations sake: This sounds fun, maybe something cool comes out of this, so lets put it in and see!
Its this kind of thinking that got us stuff like the NFC reader. Yes they have the Amiibos for that now, but it took them quite some time, time that could have been spent on the actual games if they hadnt maneuvered themselves into that predicament.

So in conclusion: Yes, please continue to innovate Nintendo! But by god, you guys really have to learn when enough is enough! We were perfectly happy with the idea of a high-power hybrid system, there was no need to add all that extra stuff!

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Einsam_Delphin said:
I actually think the Switch is their most "traditional/conventional/standard/normal" system since GBA/GCN. Normal controller (in terms of inputs and layout), no second screen, no touchscreen controls in games, and while there's still motion controls they aren't the focus of every game (only one or two so far, optional or unused otherwise) and aren't compromising the controller i.e. Wiimotes. The gimmick this time doesn't affect the games or their design themselves, just where you can play them. You don't have to waggle or look down at another screen, Switch games are played the same as they would be on Sony/Microsoft systems or older Nintendo systems, you can just take them anywhere now is all.

But the Switch is underpowered compared to the competition, therefore it is totally a gimmick!