zorg1000 said:
Cloudman said:

Well, it's not really that it's copying so much as it's just how stardard gaming is like, with the console and a controller, and Nintendo originally used to do that. And it's not really about doing what Sony and MS is doing, but just assuring it's a console that can get as many games as possible. If a large library is there, then likely more people are going to buy the system, whether as a primary or secondary.

But yeah, whether they go the safe route, or the innovative route, I just want Nintendo to succeed, and which one is the better route, I'm not really sure.

That doesn't really address the issue, the audience for mainstream, western focused software is simply not on Nintendo consoles and hasn't been for 15-20 years.

You didn't answer the questions at all, why would people who already own a PS4/XBO buy a Nintendo version of those consoles? Why would people looking for a new console to play AAA 3rd party titles choose Nintendo over PS4/XBO?

And why should it continue to be that way? I don't think it should really, and Nintendo should try to push more for those games on their consoles. And I'm not looking at it as "Why people should choose Nintendo over PS4/XBO", but why people should choose Nintendo. Perhaps portability of the Switch is the way to go, although it'll be lacking some big games from other consoles, or maybe a standard console that can play those multiplatform games and Nintendo games is. I don't know, and that's where I'm torn. I'm not really saying either one is right.



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