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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Your most anticipated Switch game... outside of Zelda :P


I'm most looking forward to...

Super Mario Odyssey 172 47.12%
Xenoblade 2 89 24.38%
Splatoon 2 41 11.23%
Fire Emblem Warriors 7 1.92%
Fire Emblem 2018 24 6.58%
Other 32 8.77%

Super Mario Odyessy!!!

It is the whole reason I plan to buy a Switch. I haven't purchased a Nintendo console since N64, but I have always said if they made a true successor to Mario 64 I would be back. Now I see what I have been looking for. Getting to play Mario Kart and Smash for the first time in nearly ten years will be nice as well.

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Mario Odyssey.


Edit: On a further note, Fire Emblem Warriors 3 votes?Dang.

Lol what a shot poll. Couldn't even fill out all the spots before putting down other.
smh -_-

Mario, followed by Xenoblade 2! Those are my two most anticipated games for the Switch, since I'm getting Zelda for my Wii U

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Super Mario Odyssey. I'm also really hyped about Spla2n, Xenoblade and FE Warriors.

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I'm hyped as fuck for Super Mario!

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Easily Mario Odyssey, I have been waiting since 2003 for this game!

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I can't choose just one.

Rime, state of mind (the western duo I finally showed interest), disgaea 5, I am setsuna (almost played on vita's fan translation, but I'll wait the switch version instead), bomberman r, xenoblade 2, fire emblem 2018 and the warriors).

For now.

Outside of Zelda? that rumoured Pokemon switch game.

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Xenoblade 2 > Splatoon 2 > Fire Emblem

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