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Airaku said:
Nuvendil said:

I mean Metroid and Pikmin haven't been actually confirmed to be a thing or what kind of thing they would be.  Fire Emblem has been announced and we know it is a full blown Fire Emblem game. 

Yes, this crossed my mind when I typed that... but do we know if this Fire Emblem game is going to be what we expect and not something radically different. Much like the new features in Fire Emblem: Echoes? I get the feeling that there might be something new and defining for this entry to mark it's return on consoles. Unless they are truly planning to play it safe with this one, which I kind of hold doubts toward.

Even Echoes is still a full blown Fire Emblem, it just includes other interesting features.  I actually would be hyped if the Switch FE takes notes from that.  But it would still have the FE strategic RPG gameplay as its cornerstone.