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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Your most anticipated Switch game... outside of Zelda :P


I'm most looking forward to...

Super Mario Odyssey 172 47.12%
Xenoblade 2 89 24.38%
Splatoon 2 41 11.23%
Fire Emblem Warriors 7 1.92%
Fire Emblem 2018 24 6.58%
Other 32 8.77%

We all know Breath of the Wild would run away with this, so to makes things more interesting, let's discount that one for a sec; what Switch game announced so far are you looking forward to the most?

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Fire Emblem.

PS: You should make the exact same thread for Wii U.

EDIT: My real answer is Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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Shin megami tensei. I'm honestly more excited for smt than I am for Zelda

Can't really answer that. We know so very little about any of those.
Warriors is on the N3ds so I can just get it there before getting a switch.

Super Mario (if it is good) > Xenoblade 2 (if its good and not anything like chronicles).

You are bound to love Earthbound.

Splatoon 2 because it's the closest to coming out

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Mario Odyssey. Haven't played a Mario in years.


Arms because it's Nintendo's next new IP (not counting those tech demo games they often launch consoles with)

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Definitely Mario Odyssey. I've been waiting for a true 3D Mario since Galaxy 2, and a proper, non-linearish Mario since Sunshine.

Xenoblade 2 for sure.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Cave Story again, cause I don't believe it was on Wii U.

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