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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Prediction: Horizon Zero Dawn > Zelda BoTW

Metacritic is not important anymore
Zelda will have excellent score
Horizon dont know




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"Better" or "Best" is a matter of subjective to be very honest. But man, Horizon Zero Dawn def a more interesting game TO ME than Zelda. Not becuz it's a PS4 exclusive, but becuz of THE game. Even if this is an Xbox One exclusive. I would highly considered to get an xbox for the 1st time just for this! That's how hype i am for this game :D!
So yeah, i really wish it won't be a flop. Horizon Zero Dawn could very well be the next big thing for PlayStation like the Last of Us.

GG have generally made good, not great games.

Horizon looks far more interesting than Killzone ever did, but there is a lot to find out about the game still. Of course you can say the same about Zelda, but that is a known quantity to an extent. Right now, my biggest concern with Horizon is the combat. As far as I know, we only know that Aloy has a bow, and can construct different types of arrow, and that she can use bits that fall off the robo-dinos as temporary weapons. There are some simple stealth mechanics as well, but that will be a very small part of it I imagine.

Horizon will have the better graphics, unless Zelda comes out on NX as well, in which case it may be close.

Metascore, I will go with Zelda. Sales too, again, especially if there is an NX version as well. Wouldn't surprise me if lots of Zelda fans bought both.

Let's see

Artstyle: Zelda >>> Horizon

Graphics: Horizon >>> Zelda

Sales: Horizon > Zelda (WiiU) but Zelda (WiiU + NX) >> Horizon

Nintendo EPD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Guerrilla Games

Metacritic: Zelda > Horizon

Hands down, Horizon will win both in metacritic and in sales. The Nintendo brand is on a sharp decline.

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If Zelda U is Wii U exclusive, then it will definitely lose

PS4 is stronger than the Wii U so of course the graphics would be better than Zelda

Metacritic wise, I'm not sure

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Score: Hardly happening, even when people didn't chanted GOTG for Zelda games, or even when some actualy called it a let down, the least it got in scores was a 93, that's something in God of War 3 level, even though GoW 3 is considered a masterpiece in basically everything. Zelda main console games already started with a GOTY level in scores, be it what it deserves or not, and this one is bringing open world to the series, it's going to score very high, around what most games did, 95, GG would have to have a one in a lifetime luck shot to beat it on scores, I mean, not even if it's actually better it'll score better.

Sales: If it's a cross-gen, Zelda might actually sell more, if not I agree with you.

Graphics: Well, we aleready have footage, it's clear it's not even a contest, Zelda is not pushing for high end graphics, but for a drawing style, like Wind Waker did in the past. But Horizon would beat it anyway in that regard, as Nintendo doesn't have studios that can match Sony in that regard, specially Sony top studios loke ND, SM or GG.

I think Horizon will be the better game, it's theme and world are brilliant, but Zelda will be the one taking Metacritic, you would need ND to compete against Zelda on that regard.

daredevil.shark said:

Metacritic: Horizon Zero Dawn > Zelda U

This is a bold claim. Zelda U will certainly get an advantage being a long lasting popular IP. Plus development team has veterans making Zelda games.

On the other hand Guerrilla Game's games didnt got high critical reception. But they are hiring Witcher 3 developer to Fallout NV writer and many other to make it great. I think Horizon Zero Dawn will beat Zelda U critic wise.

Sales: Horizon Zero Dawn > Zelda U

This is no brainer. PS4 is the king of this generation. Plus Sony will push their first party game. So sales wise this will be a piece of cake for Horiaon Zero Dawn.

Graphics: Horizon Zero Dawn > Zelda U

From a technical perspective Horizon Zero dawn has already won the race. In terms of asthtetic of view Horizon Zero Dawn will also win. Zelda U feature a stylized cel shaded art style. And Horizon Zero Dawn uses an unique post apocalyptic world filled with robot dinosaurs and creatures. This depends on peoples taste. But overall Horizon Zero Dawn will win.

Metacritic: Horizon Zero Dawn > Zelda U

Possible, but unlikely. For all we know the new Zelda could be a shitty game which gets a deserved 30 on Metacritic. But the same is trie for Horizon. And for all we know, we expect that both companies pushed a lot of resources into the titles to create quality games. But surprises are always possible, we also thought a long time that the Order probably would be a quality title.

Sales: Horizon Zero Dawn > Zelda U

Very unlikely. Yes, PS4 sells a lot better than WiiU. But as we know install base is only of little relevance - strong followers of an IP will buy the platform to play the game. That this works even on WiiU is proven by Mario Kart.

So we have a new Zelda-entry that looks so far promising against a new IP, which also looks promising. But Zelda proved it can sell mutiple millions, and it consistently does through the main titles. Horizon may sell 1-3 million, I expect Zelda to sell 3-5 million.

Graphics: Horizon Zero Dawn > Zelda U

Well ... First of all this is something we cannot really measure. We can compare screenshots and discuss this or that. Even worse, the style is largely different and this leads to focus on different technical aspects. And some aspects are very difficult to measure. How many objects are visible while frame rate is stable? How far the popin is visible. Which effects are used? And so on. Comparison is practically impossible.

That said, Zelda is on WiiU which is technically inferior to PS4. So if the graphic of Horizon in most aspects isn't better, than it will be a relly big disappointment.


You forgot one category: Costs vs. revenue. We probably will have difficulties to get numbers for these games, but it would be interesting how big the expenses were on the development of each title.

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Looks and graphics are already a given for Horizon. But critically it could as well be this gen the last of us as a mid 80 game. At this moment it looks as the former. As for Zelda yeah I didn't see anything so I don't know could be the best Zelda game or not it will score above 85 for sure. From what I have seen though it'a not able to compete from a graphical standpoint. Since cellshaded will only get you so far.

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It's always fun to speculate, but regarding the meta score we just have too little information on either game to make any kind of educated prediction. As far as sales it's basically the power of Ninty's 1st party offerings vs the huge install base of PS4. Should be interesting.

Graphically, it's hard to compare a WiiU game to a top-notch PS4 exclusive on a technical level, although I personally prefer the look of Zelda so far. I have no doubt that both games will be beautiful.