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Forums - Sports Discussion - Ronda Rousey Just Got KTFO

d21lewis said:
BasilZero said:
WWE will be getting Rousey next year for WM!!!

I thought she said she wouldn't be there and that she was bigger than Wrestlemania.

Apparently not anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!



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ganoncrotch said:
Jesus watching that gif of the fight is awful. People ask me why I watch WWE and not real fighting... this is why. Hate seeing humans trying to knock each other out like that it's one of the most primitive activities you could ever take part in. Will happily stick to my Sports Entertainment rather than assaulting each other in a cage in front of cheering crowds.

Just to clarify I'm not against this because it's women fighting, I feel exactly the same about mens UFC stuff, just think it's sickening sport to cheer on.

Oh come on.  It's their choice and MMA and boxing is a good way to get peoples anger and stress out in a good way.  


And these people live way better lives than those who drink ,  smoke and eat unhealthy food all the time 

She predicted her own defeat. Damn...

I wonder if ring magazine has enough time to stop the presses on their latest cover:

AbbathTheGrim said:
d21lewis said:

Lol! I know. :)

You know, I love Feminism and I've seen that this movement is quite underrepresented here in VGChartz so I told myself: if we want the Feminism movement to take charge in here, what better way than a man to lead the way, you know what I'm sayin'?

You are saying that men are better to lead the way, sexist!

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Looks like Holly, the real boxer should have been on the cover of ring mag...... The irony.

made my day!

Hiku said:

Holly Holm's next opponent will be a Japanese karateka?

Have some time to kill? Read my shitty games blog.


I watched the fight and not only holm knocked her out but completely dominated her the whole fight. ronda really looked confused the whole fight.