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Forums - Sales Discussion - Metal Gear 4 vs Metal Gear 5 (NPD debut month figures)

ethomaz said:

Yeap... subjective but I believe it could be sold more being PS4 only.

Sometimes people believe things that aren't true.

Multiplat games have done very well on PS4. I'm not sure why you feel MGSV needed to be exclusive to do the same.

More importantly, its ahead of MGS4 and we don't know the digital numbers. That likely pushed it over a million.

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LurkerJ said:

MGS 4: Sons of liberty


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JOKA_ said:
LurkerJ said:

MGS 4: Sons of liberty


This is off topic but i wonder if the same Sony fans here say the same about DQX....

Honestly... I've been a hardcore MGS fan for a long time. I really don't understand the hate for MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots. Hell many people consider it to this day to still be on of the best video games of all times. It is vastly superior to MGS V in every way. The story is one of the best stories I've seen in a game and so is the game play. Even will all the epic moments in MGS V, there's no boss fights on the scale of what we see in MGS 4. We also don't see your own soldiers fighting along side you on the battlefield. In MGS 4 we have this 3 way battle going on and the resistance faction will push with you or fight you depending on your actions. I fail to see any comparison between the two games.

As for sales. Phantom Pain is going to have way more sales in the end. I don't think the game is going to slow down in its sales anytime soon.

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People are seriously overestimating how many idiots are out there that will avoid buying a major game because it's not exclusive. Maybe if we were discussing some new ip from an unknown studio, exclusivity could be beneficial,  but the game clearly had a huge media budget and even had an exclusive themed console in Europe so its not like advertisement was an issue.

Anyway, this game is going to end up outselling metal gear solid 4 by a good margin. It got halfway there week 1 in terms of shipments, so Konami made an excellent choice going multiplatform. I doubt they excepected too much from the xbox/pc sales, and I am sure they are pleasantly surprised that interest among those gamers allowed the franchise to continue to grow despite Konami waiting 7 years to release a sequel, making a cashgrab prequel that was poorly recieved, and getting a lot of negative press because of their decision to focus exclusively on mobile.

By some people's logic, Street Fighter V should sell more than or at least equal to SFIV on PS3, Xbox360, and PC combined.

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I love this logic of "games do more when they sell exclusively", if we go by that logic then no one gets any games at all, what a horrible world that would be, even more so that it's obvious where the exclusivity rights discussion is leading to.


DannyDanger89 said:
Guitarguy said:

How on earth did MGS4 almost sell as much as MGSV considering 4 was only on one console and 4 had less time in June than MGSV had in September...Even not factoring in that MGSV is vastly superior...

Why do ppl assume multiplat = more sales?

Your fanbase is your fanbase, whether thats spread across one console or a bunch, the fanbase doesnt necessarily grow with the amount of consoles its availalbe on

This logic is severely flawed. If this were the case, I would have never have bought The Witcher 3, because I was never part of the The WItcher 'fanbase' prior. I bought The Witcher 3 based on the reviews, good word of mouth and from what I saw. This is not uncommon. So you are saying that the only people that buy games are essentially fans of the previous iterations of games? So all the stellar reviews of MGSV across all 5 platforms essentially did not entice anyone other than the existing MGS fanbase? Right....

Don't know if this was already updated in the OP, but according to SuperDataResearch, Metal Gear Solid V has been among the highest earning digital games this month:


Metal Gear Solid V was the highest grossing digital game on the PC, followed by Mad Max. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is in third, followed by Grand Theft Auto V in fourth.