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    Will Uncharted 4 outsell Halo 3?

    in Sales Discussion on 03 February 2017

    Turkish said: V-r0cK said: As long as Sony keeps releasing UC4 bundles then it's definitely likely. vivster said: Only with bundles, no way without. crissindahouse said: Halo 3 was bundled a lot but I can't really take Uncharted 4 sales serious if you have to buy it to get a PS4 (which seemed to be the case for most people second half of last...

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    The Switch has Sold more than what the PS4 and XB1 in the past two weeks in a day(Amazon)

    in Sales Discussion on 14 January 2017

    From January 2nd to January 16th last year, the PS4 sold 109k in the United States and the XB1 sold 63k in the United States. Assuming similar sales this year, and assuming Amazon is an average retailer, that would mean preorders are probably greater than 109k after one day. That's not a very high benchmark to pass. Obviously sales could be much higher than the ps4, but all we really know is...

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    Companies owe us nothing, let the Ps4 Pro have no Blu-ray player.

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 September 2016

    You are absolutely right that sony does not owe us anything. But as consomers, we also do not owe Sony absolutely anything. That is why we must be very vocal about every bad decision they make and work as hard as possible to make them regret that decision.  There is a reason companies are able to get away with doing things that clearly don't benefit the consumer. And that's because of loyal...

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    Ratchet & Clank review and metacritic thread: 86 currently

    in Sony Discussion on 11 April 2016

    It's looking pretty amazing! Once I finish dark souls 3 I might finally have to look into getting a ps4....

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    Forza Motorsport 6/Gears of War 4 Coming To Windows 10 (RUMOUR)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 February 2016

    Microsoft needs to release all of its first party games on PC. There is no need to keep games exclusive to the xbox console. People who own nice gaming PCs are going to be buying all the third party games on PC anyway. So there is really no reason to try to tempt them to buy an xbox one with exclusive games. I doubt the xbox one has very good margins, so if they are only going to be selling...

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    2007 was the best xbox line up ever.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 December 2015

    Hiku said: Jega said: Never before has Gears of war, Fable, Halo, and Forza launched in the same time period and add tomb raider to that list. 5 big franchises in The same time period. That has never happened before in Xbox history. That is what Microsoft is saying. It truly is the greatest holiday line-up in Xbox history. Has Xbox really never had 5 big franchises...

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    Halo 5 sales analysis (update week 2 and LTD)

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 November 2015

    At first I thought Halo 5 sold horribly, which is true if you just compare it to its predecessors and take nothing else into account. But as you said, looking at sales of other games it actually didn't do so terribly. Halo has held up better than the two other major yearly(which is what Halo has become) franchises from last gen.2012 360 vs 2015 XB1 sales Halo 4 - 3,662,557Halo 5...

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    October 2015 NPD Thread! Everything is in the OP!

    in Sales Discussion on 12 November 2015

    OneKartVita said: jason1637 said: The bundles dont come out this month... You misunderstood me.  During October the ps4 sold a lot of those bundles aka pre orders.  So those sales are transferred to November.  on top of all that Halo 5 had all its previous pre orders added to October month.  And if that's not enough they slashed the price of the x1 with...

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    Prediction: Uncharted 4 will sell 5 - 6 million in FW, 15 + Million LT

    in Sony Discussion on 06 November 2015

    I don't understand the crazy first week predictions people are making. Uncharted isn't a newish franchise for sales to randomly explode. Last of Us 2 I can defenitely see doing significantly better than the first one. Uncharted has stayed fairly consistant over its past two iterations and I doubt things will change much on the PS4. The ps4 is selling more than the ps3 but Uncharted 3 launched to...

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    Halo 5: Guardians sells more than $400 million (games and hardware)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 November 2015

    riecsou said:Halo 3 hours and "number of players" More than 2.7 million gamers have played “Halo 3” on Xbox LIVE in the first week, representing nearly one-third of the 7 million Xbox LIVE members worldwide. Within the first day of its launch, “Halo 3” players worldwide racked up more than 3.6 million hours of online gameplay, which increased more than elevenfold to...

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    Metal Gear 4 vs Metal Gear 5 (NPD debut month figures)

    in Sales Discussion on 20 October 2015

    People are seriously overestimating how many idiots are out there that will avoid buying a major game because it's not exclusive. Maybe if we were discussing some new ip from an unknown studio, exclusivity could be beneficial,  but the game clearly had a huge media budget and even had an exclusive themed console in Europe so its not like advertisement was an issue. Anyway, this game is...

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    October NPD 2015 predictions thread

    in Sales Discussion on 20 October 2015

    Looking at the PS3's first pricecut which happened in late August 2009PS3 NPD sales went from 210k in August to 490k in September, 133% bump in sales. Looking at Halo 3 launch in September 2007360 NPD sales went from 277k in August to 528k in September, 91% bump in sales. Looking at Halo: Reach launch in September 2010360 NPD sales went from 357k in August to 488k in September, 37% bump in...

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    Which will sell more in first week Fall Out 4 or Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 October 2015

    I suspect Fallout 4's first week xb1 sales will be a lot closer Tomb Raider's lifetime sales than to its first week sales. Current amazon sales rankings.Fallout 4 (XB1) = 19Rise of the Tomb Raider (XB1) = 103 Current gamestop online sales rankings.Fallout 4(XB1) = 12Rise of the Tomb Raider (XB1) = 117 And they release on the same day....

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    Most Wanted: November 2015!

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 October 2015

    1. Fallout 4 (PC)2. Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC)3. Zelda U (WiiU)4. XCOM 2 (PC)5. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PC) Hopefully Fallout can tide me over till 2016 comes......

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    Biggest Franchises of JAPAN (Tier Listing)! Also Splatoon, Can It Potentially Be 1 of The Top 10 Franchises in Japan?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 August 2015

    I think Monster Hunter and Pokemon need to be in their own teir above Animal Crossing and Dragon Quest for biggest current franchises.As a franchise they are currently significantly bigger in Japan even if individual game sales are similar.Animal crossing has thus far only been able to prove that it can sell one big game a generation, while Pokemon and Monster Hunter have proven over the past few...

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    1.4m Xbox consoles shipped Q4

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 July 2015

    Really wish they split the platforms up. XB1 shipments could have doubled, or might have only increased marginally depending on how much xbox 360 sales dropped....

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    Is the Wii U the worst console of all time?(OP clarification)

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 June 2015

    It depends on the user. In my current situtation the Wii U is a decent console. I mainly play games on my PC and my Wii U compliments it perfectly. For me it has a much better library of games than the ps4/xb1 does because I can already play 99% of the ps4/xb1 games that I want to on my PC. The fact that it doesn't have any third party support is meaningless to me.  On the other hand I...

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    Will GTA VI sell more than GTA V?

    in Sales Discussion on 19 May 2015

    I don't think it will be close. GTA5 had the perfect set of release dates that allowed it to be a massive hit on 4 consoles and PC. GTA6 will likely release during the middle of the xb1/ps4 lifecycle and only really sell on those consoles. ...

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    Bloodborne Review Thread - MetaCritic 93% ~ GameRankings 91.47%

    in Sony Discussion on 24 March 2015

    Good work sony. Very tempted to get a ps4 for this. Finally a must have exclusive for me on the ps4/xb1....

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    Battlefield Hardline Looks to be a Flop....

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 March 2015

    Don't plan on buying this game because it doesn't look like my cup of tea but just wanted to mention 270k is a pretty decent amount for peak concurrent users. Actual sales will be ALOT more than twice as much. Just for comparison, Halo 4's peak concurrent users was 410k and it sold 3.6mil its first week. That is nearly 9 times as much sales to concurrent users. Now I expect Hardline's...

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