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6/10 - solid presentation

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Only the last twenty minutes or so stopped it from being up there with Nintendo's E3 2015 as the worst conference I have watched live. Overall, it managed to redeem itself and become half-decent.

Dreams - terribly presented. Looked gorgeous, but was far too long and boring. The compilation trailer at the end was far better at showing off what you can create, like the third person combat against those creatures in the woods or the 2D ship flying. Could be very well received by critics, but I am 99.9% sure it will be an absolute bomb commercially.

SFV & Tekken 7 - Nice that there is a release date for the former, and nice to get confirmation of the latter, but not really something I am into.

Uncharted 4 MP - no idea. Seems strange to me, with the addition (?) of supernatural elements and whatever the hell else was going on. I don't buy Uncharted for the multiplayer, so I am not to fussed if it isn't great. I will probably have the NDC by the time the beta starts anyway, so I will try it for myself. Traversal around the maps looked great though.

Gravity Rush 2 - Looked great, very excited about it.

Driveclub Bikes - Love the main game, and enjoy a good bike game, so this was a good announcement. Have a feeling it's going to be difficult though.

Horizon - still looks great, but it was essentially the E3 reveal in a different location. Didn't need to be at this conference at all. Hope there are more ideas to come in the future.

PSVR - inevitable there was going to be a hefty chunk of conference time given to this sooner or later, and looks like it was today. Some of the concepts looked intriguing for sure, but I am not sold on the tech at this point.

GT Sport - disappointed it wasn't 7, I guess that isn't 2016 after all, which isn't really good enough. But will no doubt get it, as it is a great franchise and will keep me going until the next mainline game.

Wild - looked good, my stream messed up so I only caught a bit of it. Need to hear more gameplay details.

Detroit - graphically incredible. Story is up in the air. The concept, as the trailer made it sound, has been done many times. I am not bothered if it is not original, because few things are, but I hope it writing stands up well to scrutiny. Definitely excited for it though, loved Fahrenheit and enjoyed HR and Beyond.

Meh conference for me. Didn't really like anything from new announcements but Ratchet, Gravity Rush 2, Horizon and No Man Sky looks awesome.

I'm still laughing that a french company at a french gaming event talks about the perfect City to base their game in and it's..... Detroit.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

I'm happy that they gave GR2 stage time. Didn't expect it at an European event. Hope the community supports the game after asking for it to leave the Vita behind

GT Sport is GT7. There is no GT7.

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vivster said:
I'm still laughing that a french company at a french gaming event talks about the perfect City to base their game in and it's..... Detroit.

One of the developers probably got lost there and thought it seemed like some unreal, post-apocalyptic city that they could build a science fiction story around.

Though, honestly, they probably just saw the Eminem/Chrysler commercial about Detroit and said, "I really like that giant, disembodied arm; let's go with that."

Wild and Horizon looks really good, rest looked meh.

bananaking21 said:
i cant believe people are disappointed by this?

the first half hour was shit, ill give you that. but here is what we saw

Street Fighter release date Feb 2016
Gravity Rush 2: First gameplay
Uncharted 4 Multiplayer reveal
Driveclub Bikes - Available now
Horizon, more gameplay, same section though, different approach
Robinson The Journey - PS VR game
Wild - First gameplay, looks great.
Dreams - First Gameplay
Matterfall announcement (though it was just a CGI trailer)
Gran Turismo Sport. Supports VR
Detroit - this looks fucking amazing

I think people dont have their feet on earth, for an european conference, it was great, better than anything we got these past years, the pace was bad but the content... Great

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 PS4: 17m   XB1: 10m    WiiU: 10m   Vita: 10m


And the part showing the new additions to GR 2 gameplay, amazing .

I dont even talk about Wild, the big part of the conference when it comes to gameplay, with Dreams

Predictions for end of 2014 HW sales:

 PS4: 17m   XB1: 10m    WiiU: 10m   Vita: 10m


To clarify: pretty sure GT dropped the 7 because PD is doing what Evo is doing with Driveclub. There will be no GT8 for PS4, this is GT for this generation and will "evolve" as a service, with smaller expansions like today's Driveclub Bikes. That's how racers (and some other genres such as fighters) should be IMO. Drop the generational sequels.