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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Official Paris Game Week Thread

pokoko said:
Aaaaand then she turns and starts mowing down humans.

We can only hope.

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I'm sure a lot of people will be disappointed, but that's probably because they had unreasonably high expectations. I kept mine in check and came away fairly happy.

Not everything has to be "OMG NEW GAMES." I loved seeing more Gravity Rush 2, Dreams and WiLD.

But even then we got a new GT, new QD game, Matterfall and release dates for UC4 and NMS.

Overall a 7/10 for me, just a good conference. If i was more into racing games, the GT reveal would have made this an 8/10 for me.

Look forward to see what PSX brings in December.

Decent conference.

I see a few people expecting to much again.

pretty good show. was hoping for more mid-tier games, but there was more AAA than i expected, so cant complain.

Detroit looks amazing. Wild looks fresh, and Cryteck actually have me interested in a game of theirs (i am still VERY cautious about this, its cryteck after all).

It was an enjoyable conference. Anyone pretending it was going to be another E3 can just screw off.

Things that interested me:
GT Sport
Tekken 7
VR in general

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I liked the content for already known games. Wild, GR2, Dreams and (expected) Ratchet look great
Not into the new announcements though, don't care much for QD and GT..though i'll try the GT sport beta to see if it sways me.
Matterfall? *shrugh* that CGI trailer told me nothing. Recore all over again. But Housemarque are good so there's hope.

One thing I will say, David Cage, buy a freakin' iron.

Odd lack of presence from Ubisoft. Are they doing their own thing?

Oh and Driveclub Bikes is only 15 bucks for Driveclub owners, as an expansion
Standalone costs 20

I suggest checking Gematsu or some other light news sites for details that might have not been told publicly.

Decent conference.

I see a few people expecting to much again.

IIRC some 'insider' tried hyping it up as being better than E3 so that was to be expected really