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    < Ganoncrotch posted something on Lauster's wall:

    Since it would be pretty off topic in that thread I figured I'd pop it on here, I don't use a Pump, I use a mix of NovoRapid and Levemir Flexpens,

    Had the option of pump a while back but in all honesty I've used the pens for almost... 20 years now so it would be a massive change to go from having direct control to having that on the side all the time.

    I've had docs talk about it a bit though, but not actually spoke to someone who uses one, do you not get it caught on clothing or so? I would really worry about it always being there that I could crash off my bike and have it go into my side lol.

    I see you've become diabetic in roughly the same period as me (26 years ago).

    Before having a pump in 2009, I also had pen injectors (Novorapid and Lantus) for a long time. At this time, I had a false image of the pump, but an information meeting changed my point of view, and even if I considered the pump as a great system after this, in my mind it was a little hard to change a method whose I were accustomed.

    Then, an edema in the right eye precipitated my adoption of the pump (not the kind of thing you joke with when you're an IT engineer ^^").
    Since then, I cannot imagine how I could live without it

    I never had problem with clothes, pump is attached to my belt or in my pocket, like a walkman. I also received a kind of elastic waistband that keeps well pump near you (exactly this one : so you don't have to worry, it won't move from it

    I make my injections at belly, buttocks, and arms. I only had to stop the injections to thighs, this is not recommended because of the trousers that could be tight and lead to accidentally remove the catheter when you undress.
    I keep my catheter during 4 days aproximately. It's like an injection with a flexpen, the needle is not much longer (I use 6mm and 9mm), then this needle is removed and only a soft cannula (which doesn't feel) stays.
    If I want to play some sports, I can detach the pump of the cannula, and then reset it after.

    But the best part is I don't need to make further injections, either for a bolus or in order to correct my glycemia when it's too high until I have to put another catheter.

    I hope I answered your question, not to have made too many mistakes and to have been well understandable ^^"
    It would be a pleasure to answer you if you need further information, or just have a talk ~.^b

    on 27 July 2016

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Lauster's wall:

    I see Sony is really popular in France. I have a PSTV, but was thinking of getting a vita for my son. He is still a beginner to mediocre gamer. Would it be worthwhile for me to get him one?

    How old is your son ? ^^ My daughter is still too young to give her one of my consoles (20 months old).
    Whatever his level, Vita is a good console (3DS too), with many games for everyone. In addition, you can use the games you bought for your PSTV if you configure the same account on it. From what I see with my nephews, youth appreciate being able to play anywhere.
    With this said, the choice of a handheld is a matter of taste, and with your PSTV you can see if there are games that suit him.

    on 03 November 2015

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    [France] Review of the French video game market 2018

    in Sales Discussion on 20 February 2019

    Kerotan said: Ps4 reined supreme for 2018 Software. Yes, Sony has good figures, but Switch figures are pretty impressive too. The gap is not so pronounced (around 10%). Anyway, great numbers for both ^^...

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    [France] Review of the French video game market 2018

    in Sales Discussion on 20 February 2019

    There was more 1-2-Switch sold than DBFZ on PS4 =) Only the Pikachu! version of Pokemon Let's Go is in the top (well, not a surprise that the most mediatic pokemon is chosen) TheWPCTraveler, you put the same screenshot twice ^^"...

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    [France] Review of the French video game market 2018

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    There are lots of data, the document in itself is a synthesis of differents aspects. I think the 1st chapter is the most interesting in vgchartz context (chapter 2 is profiles aspects of french gamers, chapter 3 presents behavioral aspects on the practice and purchase of video games, and chapter 4 a reminder of S.E.L.L missions). Top 20 2018 games sales by platform and by volume are Switch (11...


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