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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Official Paris Game Week Thread

Kresnik said:
Well then. Can't believe that I sat here for 2 hours and watched this.

I don't think I'm really the target audience for western gaming conferences anymore. I get hyped for them and then they show a load of stuff I'm not interested in.

At least Ratchet & Housemarque were there. Kara's game might be alright too, I guess.

For me

1. Gravity Rush 2
2. Ratchet and Clank
3. No Man's Sky
4. Detroit
5. Horizon

Big question game is Dreams as don't know how to feel about it.

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Based on what we saw today - PSX will contain:

God of War 4
Actual Gameplay of FF7R
Shenmue 1&2 Remastered announcement
PSVR Release Date + Price

We officially got the Grand Turismo Reveal out of the way  -- as well as uncharted multiplayer; and we even got our PSVR advert. 

Bloodborne expansion looks decent
Wild looked cool
Ratchet and Clank looks cool
Boundless looks weird
No Mans Sky looks interesting
Ex Machina 2 aka Detroit Become Human might be interesting

overall though,pretty boring conference imo

i think parts like GT Sports and VR lingered on longer than they should have and dragged the conference down

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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Nem said:

Detroid looked interesting. Hopefully it has some gameplay aswell! :D


With that said it was overall a lukewearm conference. Nothing to get very excited about.


I imagine they are saving GoW4 and the SOny bend games for the Ps Xperience.

it starts ...

Well... its been that way for the last 2 games. Just saying... if there was more gameplay to it, it would be even better.

They did it with Omikron. I'm sure they can do it again if they want.

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pokoko said:
Aaaaand then she turns and starts mowing down humans.

We can only hope.

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I'm sure a lot of people will be disappointed, but that's probably because they had unreasonably high expectations. I kept mine in check and came away fairly happy.

Not everything has to be "OMG NEW GAMES." I loved seeing more Gravity Rush 2, Dreams and WiLD.

But even then we got a new GT, new QD game, Matterfall and release dates for UC4 and NMS.

Overall a 7/10 for me, just a good conference. If i was more into racing games, the GT reveal would have made this an 8/10 for me.

Look forward to see what PSX brings in December.

Decent conference.

I see a few people expecting to much again.

pretty good show. was hoping for more mid-tier games, but there was more AAA than i expected, so cant complain.

Detroit looks amazing. Wild looks fresh, and Cryteck actually have me interested in a game of theirs (i am still VERY cautious about this, its cryteck after all).

It was an enjoyable conference. Anyone pretending it was going to be another E3 can just screw off.

Things that interested me:
GT Sport
Tekken 7
VR in general