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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Official Paris Game Week Thread

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Detroid looked interesting. Hopefully it has some gameplay aswell! :D


With that said it was overall a lukewearm conference. Nothing to get very excited about.


I imagine they are saving GoW4 and the SOny bend games for the Ps Xperience.


Detroit looks nice!

great stuff

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Well then. Can't believe that I sat here for 2 hours and watched this.

I don't think I'm really the target audience for western gaming conferences anymore. I get hyped for them and then they show a load of stuff I'm not interested in.

At least Ratchet & Housemarque were there. Kara's game might be alright too, I guess.

All trailers are up here:

I'm legit disappointed, it was a long run of good conferences so a step back was going to happen sooner of later.

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Great conference in term of content( announcements + gameplay), the third best conference of the year

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