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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Official Paris Game Week Thread

I liked the content for already known games. Wild, GR2, Dreams and (expected) Ratchet look great
Not into the new announcements though, don't care much for QD and GT..though i'll try the GT sport beta to see if it sways me.
Matterfall? *shrugh* that CGI trailer told me nothing. Recore all over again. But Housemarque are good so there's hope.

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One thing I will say, David Cage, buy a freakin' iron.

Odd lack of presence from Ubisoft. Are they doing their own thing?

Oh and Driveclub Bikes is only 15 bucks for Driveclub owners, as an expansion
Standalone costs 20

I suggest checking Gematsu or some other light news sites for details that might have not been told publicly.

this is the worst conference so far from Sony, E3 and TGS were better this year.


The Good


-Uncharted MP butter smooth 60fps and looks still good

the neutral

-the indies

-GT7 announcement but no gameplay

-more Playstation VR titles but no price or release

the bad

-showing often times footage we already have seen for a lot of the stuff

-no release date for PSnow in europe which i dont care about to be honest

-no release date for tekken 7 why was it even shown then?

 -no BC, yeah yeah Sony we shouldnt waste our time with Nostalgia...

this conference lacked any kind of surprises and you can see i predicted they would show quantic dreams new game and granturismo in my original post which were the only worthwhile stuff of the show

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The conference was decent. QD's new game was really stunning though.

i cant believe people are disappointed by this?

the first half hour was shit, ill give you that. but here is what we saw

Street Fighter release date Feb 2016
Gravity Rush 2: First gameplay
Uncharted 4 Multiplayer reveal
Driveclub Bikes - Available now
Horizon, more gameplay, same section though, different approach
Robinson The Journey - PS VR game
Wild - First gameplay, looks great.
Dreams - First Gameplay
Matterfall announcement (though it was just a CGI trailer)
Gran Turismo Sport. Supports VR
Detroit - this looks fucking amazing

Ka-pi96 said:
Decent conference.

I see a few people expecting to much again.

IIRC some 'insider' tried hyping it up as being better than E3 so that was to be expected really

your own fault if you believed it was going to be better than E3 :P

Ka-pi96 said:

IIRC some 'insider' tried hyping it up as being better than E3 so that was to be expected really

If you listen to "insider's" info, you deserve to be disappointed :)

Augen said:

For me

1. Gravity Rush 2
2. Ratchet and Clank
3. No Man's Sky
4. Detroit
5. Horizon

Big question game is Dreams as don't know how to feel about it.

Oh yeah, Gravity Rush 2, I enjoyed that as well.