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Forums - Sports Discussion - Do You Go Jogging?

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I run 4-6 times a week. It depends if I do anything else (like inline skate, cycle or swim), on weather or simply how I feel (sometimes you just don't feel like doing anything). But I try to do cardio at least 4 times a week. Usually I run for an hour (that's around 11km for me), and once a week for two.

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I don't understand how people can just run. I can understand if it's for a sport, like running in soccer or basketball.. but running in general.. I don't get it. I have to run for a sport to run.. don't ask me to be a running partner?

But seriously, right now I am just playing soccer once a week.

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I do! I jog for about an hour and a half a day.


I jog around the school where I work anywhere from 1-3 times a week. Only about 15 minutes though.

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Right now I am injured, but generally I jog a few times a week.

My best half marathon is 96.30 minutes. I would like to do a full marathon one day though!

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I just started actually. Played Hockey since I was 8 and ran Track in High School. I was 175 and damn I felt good. I am now 218 (5 years later). I was 227 about a month ago. And let me tell you getting my ass off to go running was such a pain in the ass. I couldn't even run 6 mins straight without getting some excuse from myself but I kept pushing myself and now im at a mile in 10 mins which after 5 years of doing nothing is honestly good for me. When I ran track in HS I was down to 6:50 for a mile I believe was probably 7 mins or close to that.

So im in it just so I can lose weight and feel better about myself. I dont eat a ton of junk food either. My brothers go to Wendys all the time and they dont gain a pound. I dont and gain tons of weight haha. I dont care for the gym much although I could use a little more muscle even though I am built.

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My best times for 5k, HM and Marathon are as follow: 17m16s in 5k/Park Run (May 15'), 82m30s for HM (Sept. 14') and 3 hours and 4 mins for Marathon Sept. 14'.
I have a Half Marathon to run in mid August and my goal is sub 80 mins for HM. I have a 12km race at the end of August and I will be targeting sub 45 mins for 12k. Divide my 12km time by 1.2 and that will roughly equal a 10km race time. 

I will update on here in 2 months time. Good luck to all those on here who are hobby joggers and working towards their fitness goals. Patience, dedication and discipline will reap rewards over time.

Reading the posts here from everyone got me motivated to return to the track and try to reach 2 miles a day and reduce my 12 minutes. My problem is that I'm probably not eating the proper diet, and I don't know where to start and keep going diet wise.

Every Saturday for an hour (sometimes also Sunday).
When I have vacation from university I jog every second day.