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We can all agree that Square kind of sucked last gen. Lots bad games and awful ideas that ran a lot of their key franchises into the ground. Eidos was the one bright spot in the company bringing out fantastic games like Just Cause 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. But now with this it seems that Square's Japanese side is making a comeback. We've got Final Fantasty XV, Kingdom Hearts III, and Final Fantasy VII Remake all in development. There's a new Nier, Final Fantasy Dissidia, and Star Ocean on the way. Dragon Quest is finally making a jump back to consoles with DQ Heroes 1 and 2. There's rumors flying around about Parasite Eve 3 and Final Fantasy X-3. They've opened a new studio in Japan dedicated entirely to making console RPGs. Square just feels focused in a way they haven't since the early 2000s.

So what happened? Well I think Square felt a bit lost when Sony fell behind last generation. All of a sudden they had to start branching out into multiple consoles and handhelds. They tried to streamline their Japanese titles so they can sell better on the 360 which was dominated by a Western audience. That didn't work which forced them to be dependant on their Eidos branch.  With Sony ruling the market again I feel like Square is more comfortable going back to their Japanese roots which made them a dominant player in the gaming space so many years ago. For the first time, in a long time, I feel like there's hope for Square Enix.


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Dont forget Hitman. Loved Absolution

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Many were waiting for just that.

Se benefits the most.

Yeah, SE definitely profits greatly from Sony's Success. Probably more than any other publisher. They're also part of the reason why PS4 has so much success and will continue to do well. The symbiosis will only get stronger the more games SE releases.

Would be interesting to see if and when they will release their first big game console exclusive to PS4.

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I think they were not waiting, but feel more confident to work with Sony as it was before.
The PS3 architeture was a real problem until later in the gen to devs to figure it out, so SE was kinda hold on.

Now the PS4 was made with devs in mind, and it's easier to them to go back with more thinga.

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The Japanese market needs Sony and Sony needs them to strenghten their Library and go for global domination.

The main reason for the downfall of SquareEnix was a man named Wada.
He had the idea that Final Fantasy has to appeal to CoD players and he sided with Microsoft like many others did early last Gen.All of them pretty much got punched into the face with that decision.
A comment by Wada over The Last Remnant,one of the most wanted ports for the PS3 was something like "What should i do if these games don't sell - I can't waste money"
He simply didn't understand the fanbase for such games is on Sony Consoles and he made such decisions cause these games and others from other companies didn't do well on Xbox.

This man had to step down 2 years ago.
Since then a lot started to change again and Sony started to dominate the console market at the same time.
Like a miracle Japanese Games are coming back to Home Consoles in MASSES and SquareEnix feels like they are again nearing their best.

A fun fact
Wada was one of those who said FF7 Remake will never happen and one of the dudes who are responsible for FF13-2 and FF13-3 cause he thought they will do good.
Wada had a contract for 2 more years after he stepped down 2 years ago
This contract ended at the 16th of June 2015....The day the Final Fantasy 7 Remake got officially announced.
A game made by his internal archfiend Tetsuya Nomura

If someone wants to know more about what Wada did to SquareEnix over time have a read
The only good thing he kinda did was bringing the west closer to the east.
Very interesting facts

The whole Gaming Industry is only winning if Sony or rather Playstation is on Top
They are a worldwide brand targeting every person on the world and offering every kind of genre for all kinds of people and obviously give that way every developer of every genre a stage to perform.

From what I can tell Square does whatever the hell it wants to do no matter what so I dont think so.

Tellmethereason said:

A game made by his internal archfiend Tetsuya Nomura

That's a pretty hilarious title, gave me a laugh

OT: Now that Sony is dominating I think that square will take some more risks and you can be sure that they will be making many PS4 exclusives.

EDIT: Thanks for the GAF link too, looks interesting will read

Or simply put was Wada just horrible CEO for 400.


Despite their boring-ass conference, they have some serious killer titles. FFVII remake, KH3, Hitman, Deus Ex: MD, Just Cause 3 and even Nier 2 and Star Ocean (personal favorite of mine). I can agree with your theory, you may be onto something.

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