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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Amazon US May monthly bestsellers and general Amazon based discussion


"Say what you want about Americans but we understand Capitalism.You buy yourself a product and you Get What You Pay For."  

- Max Payne 3

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I think instead of just amazon we should also include Gamestop/Best Buy/Target

to get a better overall sense of the sales, specially what's goin on at amazon atm with the PS4 stock


Im still sad about the PS4 situation on Amazon.

But making a sad panda tag here anyway.


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Tagging as usual


Shoot a gun at my general direction when Splatoon appears again. (Taggin)

Here's Abdiel's assessment for April:

"I'll reiterate since we don't have a new prediction thread yet: 

Through this entire month, in the districts I've checked (always a wide range to try and compensate for varying customer bases) the ps4 consistently outsold the xb1 quite handily. This is just best buy, but we didn't see the same kind of stock issues that seemed to plague Amazon. 

I was kind of surprised, the promotion we had with the email coupon for an extra $50 off any xb1 really didn't get a lot of traction in our local stores. 

MKX sold very well indeed though.

And for people speculating about Splatoon from the other thread... Preorders aren't the whole story for a game's success or failure, but they're not looking great at this point."

P.S. The Shogun is banned on GAF, so it looks like we'll be depending on Abdiel for general trends unless Cornbread and Osiris also give their assessments.


hoggin' all the action, I see...