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I promise I'll do a better job updating this month! It'll probably help that I won't be gone for two weeks as well




Current monthly rankings:

PS4: #23

XBO: #28 & #39

WiiU: #56

Current yearly rankings:

PS4: #9

XBO: #12

WiiU: #54

Amazon "archive":





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Week 1

PS4: #20 & #75

XBO: #30 & #45

WiiU: #63

Week 2

PS4: #24 & #88

XBO: #34 & #41

WiiU: #52

Week 3

PS4: #27 & 98

XBO: #31 & #51

WiiU: #59

Week 4

PS4: #18

XBO: #46 & #59

WiiU: #48

Hourly charts explained

I've seen some confusion about what we refer to as the hourly charts, so I'll explain how they work.

The hourly charts are not actually the bestselling products from the last hour. What it really is, is the bestselling products from the last 24 hours, but updated hourly. This is why things don't fly around the hourly charts all the time, but it instead changes gradually. 

The green and red arrows also work based on the last 24 hours. The arrows have no direct correlation to sales, but instead illustrates the change in positions relative to their ranking 24 hours ago. 

PS4 Last of Us: #36
XB1 AC Unity: #39
PS4 standalone: #44
XB1 MCC: #46

PS3 500 GB: #94

Really close so far

Ps4 TLOU finally on the front page of amazon ?

After a month...

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All bundle seem close.

Teeqoz said:

Good job Ryng, good job!


The April thread has disappeared from my buddy, and there's nothing meaningful to say about May until the monthly chart shows up, so I'll post a final April comment here.

WOW!!! Final monthly chart for April puts PS4 and Xb one neck and neck, If you add the next highest selling sku, being MCC then it probably puts Xb one ahead. Will NPD go the way of the highest placed sku, or will it go the way of the console with multiple skus in the top 100. Funny really, either way NPD goes you can argue that Amazon is right. So I can say with certainty for April that Amazon will retain its 100% record outside of launch month. It is also amazing how far down the rankings console hardware has fallen. As install base goes up I suppose game and peripheral sales also increase which will push consoles down the ranks. Or is it just an anomaly for PS4 with that mid-month hiccup where Amazon ran out of stock?

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