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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Does anyone miss the DS Zelda games?

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Did you enjoy the DS Zelda games?

Yes I enjoyed both of them 22 35.48%
I only enjoyed one of them 13 20.97%
No, I disliked both 17 27.42%
Never bought/played them 5 8.06%
See Results 5 8.06%
t3mporary_126 said:

I know these games weren't well liked by most Zelda fans, but I thought they were fun and innovative takes on 2D Zelda. I actually enjoy the touch screen controls and thought the graphics weren't too bad. Plus the boss battles were really unique - especially when they took advantage of the second screen. These games had really great characters as well like Linebeck from PH and Zelda from Spirit Tracks.

Did anyone enjoy these game?

I think the GBC (seasons/ages) were better but I miss the N64 titles and era the most. That was the peak of innovation.

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Phantom Hourglass blew me away when it was first released, and Spirit tracks was awesome. I loved being a sailor and train conductor in those games, and the combat was fun but detrimental to my touch screen :p

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I actually liked the touch screen controls for the most part. I feel like unfortunately the games were among the weakest in the series in every other department. Great games, but to stand tall in the Zelda series you need to do better.

KingdomHeartsFan said:

I liked Phantom Hourglass, but couldn't finish Spirit Tracks.  The whole train thing didn't click with me.

It was the other way around for me. Going back to that one dungeon in PH just killed it for me...

Spirit Tracks is amazing. My second fave Zelda only behind Link's Awakening. Other Zelda games bore me to death (OoT/TP/SS werent my style) but ST kept my attention. However a lot of people really sh*t on the DS Zelda's, to me at least, ST and PH were amazing

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Hated both of them. I didn't mind the stylus controls.

The soundtracks were pretty dull (yes, even Spirit Tracks IMO), I hated the train shit and the blowing on your DS shit to play an instrument.

I would rank them the worst Zelda games by far.


Certainly the worse Nintendo published Zeldas that I've played.

I didn't like the forced stylus controls, I didn't like the recurring central dungeons, I didn't like that they relied on control gimmicks.

I thought the worlds and characters were good, certainly on a par with the other post-Wind Waker Zeldas. But the controls killed it for me, I didn't finish either of them.

So pleased they went back to real handheld Zelda territory with Link Between Worlds.

I liked those games, spirit tracks more that phantom to be honest!


I enjoyed them, I thought Spirit Tracks was far better than Phantom Hourglass. However many control innovations there were, Phantom Hourglass had a very weak Zelda game on top of those foundations. Spirit Tracks was better in most regards, but I think they're far weaker than handheld titles like Link Between Worlds and Link's Awakening.

Nope.. I honestly couldn't care less about those.. Link's Awakening and A Link Between Worlds are MUCH better!

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