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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Does anyone miss the DS Zelda games?

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Did you enjoy the DS Zelda games?

Yes I enjoyed both of them 22 35.48%
I only enjoyed one of them 13 20.97%
No, I disliked both 17 27.42%
Never bought/played them 5 8.06%
See Results 5 8.06%

Phantom Hourglass was awesome, am yet to play Spirit Tracks. The problem is though just like Skyward Sword, they have a shit control scheme that you will never want to go back to so Im really hoping I can make it through ST without getting pissed off at the controls in the first hour like I did when trying to play SS recently.

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Hated Spirit Tracks, but I enjoyed Phantom Hourglass. I'd rather they not got go back to that style of game at all, especially after Link Between Worlds.

No, I don't miss them. Nor did I enjoy them. Spirit tracks was better, but they were both bad zelda games.

Nope :)

They were the worst Zelda games in my opinion.

teigaga said:
Nope :)

They were the worst Zelda games in my opinion.

And it's not a bad opinion.

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I love spirit tracks!
As much as ALBW and links awakening.

The 3 are the triforce of handheld zelda games. For me.

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Spirit Tracks had excellent characterization and some clever dungeons, though nothing that's enough to stop the trains from feeling terribly out-of-place.

The dungeon in Phantom Hourglass wasn't all bad. The fun was in seeing how your new toys could create shortcuts through the area, kind of Metroid-esque in that fashion.

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Spirit Tracks is actually a very good game. Naturally I completed both, and even played Spirit Tracks a month or two ago. Before the HD remaster, I found Spirit Tracks better than Wind Waker. Anyway, they're not the best handheld games nor are they the worst, though Phantom Hourglass was very disappointing for a Zelda game.

Link's Awakening is by far the best and even beats all but one of the console games to me: LA > ALBW > ST > OoA > OoS > PH > TMC > FS

I fucking hated those games.

I only had Phantom Hourglass I got the first boss and traded it in.

Spirit tracks is embarrising to even look at. ~Thank you Stefl1504 for the amazing sig~