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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I want Sony exclusives on PC!

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What do you think?

Please Sony, do it! 47 20.17%
Please Sony, don't do it! 62 26.61%
Please Anfebious go to hell! <3 124 53.22%
GoldenGamer said:
JayWood2010 said:

He said Sony meaning PS.

Really now?

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closest you will get is PSNow on PC.

You really want to make my PS4 useless do you?

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Only if Nintendo does it too then I'll go PC gaming

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Just going to point out, a lot of what is happening with MS is 2nd Party games becoming 3rd Party based on contracts. There is a reason Sony's IPs wont come to PC and it's the same reason Nintendo ones wont. They secured the franchises on their own hardware platforms.

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GoldenGamer said:
Roma said:
yeah TLG would look amazing on PC!

Sony would be making a lot of money that they desperately need to stay afloat

Every game sells better on PS4 compared to PC.How would they make more money when console games such much better than PC games? I think you are joking, but I can't tell.


Titanfall did not even sell much on PC.

having both would mean a bigger instal base = moar money

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I will only buy them if they are remasters. I will not buy them if not.

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Well yes, all games should be on a platform that is available to anyone, the PC is the closest thing we have to this (even if MS owns windows, nothing prevents Sony, Nintendo, etc. to to like EA if they don't want to use Steam).

That would be great! no more consoles, just PC stats wars and 3D marks scores pissing contest!!

I want to play the last of us at 4k (supersampled to hell and back) 120fps!!!!


Do it Sony!

SCE wants their console to sell. Sorry. You'll probably be able to stream PS3 game via PSNow soon. They'll likely be moving away from consoles completely the day they start building their games for PC.

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Not sure about alot more sales as games tend to be pirated alot more than they are purchased at launch on PC. If they aren't pirated most people hold out for those steam sales.