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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Top 10 things I want to see from Metroid Wii U.

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supafly said:

At this point i don't even think you know what you're describing

I know exactly what I'm describing. The perfect Metroid game.

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Maraccuda said:
Nice ideas, but too many shake ups to the formula will definitely displease many people.

I like the idea of more open sections, but Metroid to me will always be claustrophobic hallways akin to Alien.

Although some more horror would be nice, really loved Metroid Fusion. Got genuinely scared a few times.

Bold: That doesn't really matter at this point.

Sales have fallen because the fan base shrank in a big way. You might just as well go for a new things all together. Full reboot even.

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spemanig said:
AZWification said:

Shooting wasn't the main focus of the Prime games..

Doesn't make a lick of difference. Shooting in the first person is a core mechanic in the Prime games. It's an FPS. It's just a catagory. I never understood why people get to up in arms about it.

Shooting has less importance than ( exploration is the defining thing about Metroid games in general) in games like CoD and Battlefield, but if you wanna think the Prime games are FPS then OK!

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AZWification said:

Shooting has less importance than ( exploration is the defining thing about Metroid games in general) in games like CoD and Battlefield, but if you wanna think the Prime games are FPS then OK!

I agree 100%, exploration is the most important and defining trait of the Metroid games including the Prime games, but that doesn't stop them from being FPS games. It's not what I want to think. They are catagorically FPS games. I don't think that. That's what they are. That defenition doesn't mean that all you do is run and shoot in the first person with out adventuring. It just means that it's a first person game where the core combat is the player shooting a firearm to kill enemies.

I would just like to see a start of a new trilogy, preferably 3D and then a seperate 2D or 2.5D on 3DS.


Also, you should be given the choice of 1st of 3rd person by a touch of a button or via the pause screen at any time. Why don't shooters do this?

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spemanig said:
sundin13 said:

I reaaaally don't want to see side-quests like that in metroid games, which is one of the reasons I'm tentative about cities. Cities tend to be hubs, and hubs don't belong in the metroid series. Hubs are places where you buy weapons and armor and talk to NPCs and get quests...none of those things should be in this game. I think they could pull off a city where you have to run through the city chasing or hunting something down, but you shouldn't be able to relax at any moment (Look at the gameplay for Prey 2, without all the annoying stuff before the chase and think perhaps you get led into a space pirate hive or a lab or something and you have to explore it to find the guy who got away. I get the comparison with Star Wars, but in a game about isolation, it doesn't make sense, unless you are isolated from the city itself when you are in the city.

Also, when I think of cities in games, I think of the Citadel from ME1 and I absolutely hated that city so I'm a bit gunshy.

Just because the core of the game is about isolation, doesn't mean every bit of it has to exude isolation. Just like with Alien, there are other people in the universe. She should be able to interact with them. I'm not talking about turning Metroid into an RPG. You wouldn't get weapons or armor there. Just having a city. That's all. I see no problem with it, especially if it's optional and it fits the tone of the Metroid universe.

Thats my point, hub cities aren't interesting or fun if theres next to nothing to do in them, and all the things you can do in them wouldn't work well in a Metroid game. Additionally, I think "optional" content like that is pretty silly...Why throw in extraneous stuff that only makes the game worse?

As I said, I can see something where you have to do a mission in a city, or something just outside of a city, but I think acknowledging NPCs should be done as little as possible. I certainly don't want to be meandering around some hub city that has nothing to do in it...

PS: @FPSvsFPA: The only purpose of genres is to describe something in a way that allows you to make certain assumptions about a game. The term FPS causes you to make assumptions that are untrue about Metroid, therefore a new term should be used. FPS is technically true, but it doesn't serve its purpose as a genre in the case of Metroid...

@Steven666: Well, because design philosophies are often different for FPS and TPS and they feel very different. Additionally, many gameplay things are often changed when in First Person perspective. For example, things you cannot see (like body parts) often clip through things and sometimes the model doesn't even exist as a full person. Making a game toggle-able between first and third person would give the devs extra work and make the game less focused as a result...

Of course, as I stated before, there are things that can be done to fuse the two, but it shouldn't be as simple as a toggle switch...

1. Yes, but for other reasons. I enjoyed Other M's game mechanics, sans the "first person missile" thing, everything else felt like a smooth transition of the 2D feel into 3D environs. Third person is definitely the way to go.

2. No, sorta. The maze is integral to what makes Metroid. The artificial doors I can agree with, maybe open-world caves, but caves for the most part, with only a few open areas like Super's Crateria or the Landing Site in Metroid Prime (only, of course, larger).

3. Agree. Whether you love, hate, or simply don't care about Other M, it did nothing for the story aside from providing background for Metroid Fusion (which is nice for those who hate it because its canon-status really does no lasting damage, aside from making parts of Fusion into an Idiot Plot by proxy). It's time to move forward.

4. Yeah, once that rubicon's been crossed, there's no real going back anyway.

5. Your idea is pretty good there, have AI Adam narrate them.

6. Yes. The GFS Valhalla especially did a great job of this.

7. Maybe one colony on the planet in question? As a landing site and a place you can bring back strange artifacts for analysis or something. Could take it or leave it.

8. Solid writing talent, or if Sakamoto insists on running the show again, more editorial control to smack him down when he goes off-script (Sakamoto does great work, but only when he's under editorial constraint, like the low-budget Tomodachi Collection)

9. No. Hunters was mediocre at best, that direction is not warranted.

10. Disagree. It would be very difficult to implement properly.

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spemanig said:
MTZehvor said:


OT: I agree with some of the things on the list, although I can't say I support going for all of this on the very next Metroid game. After the screw up that Other M was, Metroid needs to absolutely nail the next title, and trying to go for a back to basics exploration atmospheric old Metroidy style game, while simultaneously focusing on voice acting and creating a city type world for Samus to explore, AND making functional online multiplayer, AND trying to balance gameplay segments switching between the zero suit and power suit sounds like WAY too much for a game that will most likely be about redeeming the series for the majority of the series' fanbase. Trying to cram all of this into the next game, and have it work as well, is a recipe for disaster.

Think of it this way; the next Metroid game will likely be the Dual Destinies of the Metroid series to follow the Apollo Justice that was Other M, if Apollo Justice had ruined all of its characters and completely forgotten what kind of a game it was supposed to be. You can't expect all of this from a game that will likely be spending most of its time picking up the pieces from the previous failures.

As a wishlist for the future of the Metroid series, I don't have many complaints; I personally preferred reading the lores in Prime to having them spoken to me in games like Bioshock, but I guess that's preference. As a wishlist for the next game in the series, I vehemently disagree with the majority of this. Metroid needs to take a game, focus entirely on the "Metroid-esque" elements that have made it the success it's been pre-Other M, and then, if it shows it still can do that well, we can move on to adding other things, like multiplayer or adding an optional city exploration element. Until it recovers from Other M, though, I will be completely opposed to any development being spent on something besides the core Metroid experience, so to speak.

I completely disagree. I think that if all the next Metroid does is play it safe and try to replicate past success, it'll be as much of a failure as Twilight Princess. There's no reason they can't get all of this right the first time. They just need to take the right steps. If all we get is Prime HD, I'll be extremely pissed.

There's a difference between what I'm advocating and simply "playing it safe." Playing it safe would be making another Prime game, set in first person, exploring a planet that had been struck by a mysterious meteorite, uncovering the mysteries underneath, and ending with a fetch quest for a set of keys of some sort to unlock the final area.

Meanwhile, a 3D Metroid set in third person with a decent control scheme would already be a big advancement. Putting that game in a seamless open world would be another huge step forward, and then combining that with a new series of powerups, enemies, and an entirely new story is more than enough for a sequel. All of this is well beyond "playing it safe."

You're correct in that there is no definitive law of video game nature that prevents a company from getting this much right on the first try; but that said, there's a very good reason why no company ever has. Trying to introduce what essentially amounts to an entirely new style of gameplay from a perspective standpoint to a series is a difficult enough task as it stands, but then putting an extra load on said company and trying to introduce several other new elements on top of that is a recipe for disaster.

Despite how much (usually justified) hate series like  Mario and Call of Duty get for not innovating, it's important to remember that trying to do too much is just as dangerous. Games like Assassin's Creed 3, Dark Void, and Murdered: Soul Suspect all have lots of interesting elements, but ultimately fail because they never focus on any one element long enough to actually make it stand out. Instead, you just wind up with a mess of a game that tries to innovate in plenty of ways but fails at making any of them interesting. The same aspect applies here; trying to work in a successful optional hub area that's somehow meaningful, along with worthwhile out of armor segments, and then on top of that fully realize a third person 3D Metroid game is simply too many new elements for one game to handle.

Basically think of it this way; imagine if the original Prime had tried to implement segments where Samus was out of her suit, as well as a fully realized NPC colony, along with functional local multiplayer. The final product would have been nowhere near as neat and cohesive as it was, and that's a best case scenario. A developer trying to tackle this many elements needs to make sure it's got experience with at least some of these, and as no one save for Team Ninja has any experience with the gameplay of a 3rd person 3D Metroid (and I'm assuming we're not bringing them back), then it'd be nice to at least get that bit down first. If you're going to learn how to juggle, you don't start by testing out how well you do with a flaming baton, a chainsaw, and a baby crocodile.


Also, perhaps as a nitpick story wise, if we're going with the "she's a fugitive running from the Federation" story element, then it doesn't make much sense for her to be walking around in broad daylight in a colony where any number of Federation spies could be looking for her.

Steven666v2 said:

I would just like to see a start of a new trilogy, preferably 3D and then a seperate 2D or 2.5D on 3DS.


Also, you should be given the choice of 1st of 3rd person by a touch of a button or via the pause screen at any time. Why don't shooters do this?

Because perspective completely changes the way you design a game. That would be terrible and offer flimsy game design. One or the other, never both. This is one of those times where options would detract from a game.

Out of 10 points I agree with 1 and an half.
I agree 3rd person view can work and Metroid Blast was great but I also think 1st person view and 2D side-scrolling can work as well, you can't take multiple directions here, none of them is optimal.
I definetly agree they should try to create a sci-fi horror mood, they game would really benefit from it. Metorid Fusion had some "tension" moments as well.
As for other points, no narration elements and plot should be very minimal, Metroid is about isolation and exploration Super Metroid and Metorid Prime 1 have no dialogues at all and are the most immersive ones in the series. Even audio logs would be redundant, we already have those in Dead Space and Bioshock.
The same goes for the other points left, open world is not Metroid, not to mention online, just because you have to shoot things it doesn't mean it has to have online, it would make much more sense than an online mode for Zelda.