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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Top 10 things I want to see from Metroid Wii U.

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I personally don't care what format the game runs in. Metroid has so many different types. I like FPA Prime series. They all work. but you have to stick to a few. You can't go between so many at once. One mode will eventually become ignored. They could make the game in FP mode but have the some layouts as ones from the side scrollers.

Voice talent was never a negative to Metroid. What was negative was the wrong choices done in MOM. I always thought Jen Hale was totally wasted as only doing grunts for Prime. And why wasn't she picked to voice Samus in MOM anyway? She has played young girls before in animated shows and other games. There would of been no problem of her playing Young Samus. Besides the bad story. Also, why doesn't this game stop her from running away? She's a fugitive. How about make the story that stops her being chased. She can be a bounty Hunter as always. But doesn't have to be on the run all the time.

This could allow certain portions of a city level to be done. She's forced into needing someones help. And then is ambushed. You're forced to fight your way out of the situation. The Power Suit to Zero Suit thing would be interesting. They could make it a requirement in certain areas for stealth. Similar ideas to Metal Gear. Or even as a bonus option. Like Unlocks. You unlock different suits and outfits. Rather then you restore her damaged suit. So that you can swap between civilian designs, the orange and blue outfits, that are based off all her percent screens. And all her past Varia Suits from all the games. Each suit giving her a certain ability. Or you can combine weapons your way. Similar to how Prime stacked the weapon beams. But you can choose the combo types.

Or have it if shes on the run from police. They have a dampening device that shuts down her suit. Which requires her to discard everything. And rely on her skills only. Maybe also give people a choice in story direction. The normal story. And a what if story. She decides to stop helping and actively kills. I always wondered how Samus would of been if she gave up. That type of emotional turmoil would of been a better struggle. She's seen so much death. Friends dying. Forceable has to kill Mom Brain and etc. Rather than MOM's prequel weak back story. Her struggle usually is only her suit being corrupted/broken. How about her choice from staying the hero or just turning around and going **** it.

The game also needs to have one level that lets you use the ship.