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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Kart 8 sells 1.2 million over first weekend

Damn, so many people who have to give the game back because their Wii can't read the disc

Great numbers, hope it will boost Wii U sales and for more than a week.

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Well deserved. Mario KArt 8 is something of a dream!

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OMG, This thing again...

well should be a nice bump to Hardware to according to

by the end of e3 Nintendo should be above 7 million if the Kart Bundle has some legs.

Fusioncode said:
chidori-chan2 said:
Fusioncode said:
So if this is shipped I'm going to guess around 1m for the first 4 days. Good numbers, Infamous took 9 days to sell 1m,

Infamous from PS4 took 9 days to sell 1m, Mario Kart 8 took only 72 hours for sell 1.2 m. :P

4 days and the numbers are shipped. Which is why I guessed 1m sell through. 

Not really. those numbers are from 1st of june. Thats 3 days in america/europe and 4 in japan

Yeah probably only shipped. But i guess about 89% are already sold

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Justagamer said:

Holy crap! Can't remember what I predicted but, nowhere near that! Now I can't wait to see the hardware boost, it's going to be huge. 1.2 million +1... On my way home with my copy now...


edit: is it just me, or are there people in here actually trying to downplay this news? Lol if so... 

It's the usual suspects as usual, so no need to worry. They are doing a good job.

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I so needed this good news right now. I have my copy of MK8 so I contributed to the number, but won't be able to play it for 2 weeks as I'm away from my Wii U. I imagine it will drop off very quickly next week, but I'm pleased to see there is still some demand for Nintendo games.

Very nice, very nice indeed.

Poor Polygon.

I'm glad the game is doing well, the dev team deserves it and it's about damn time Wii U owners bought something because they obviously ignored DKC, Wonderful 101, and several other decent releases.

I'm not sure how massive the hardware boost will be though, just anecdotally in my area the game was selling well, but my local Best Buy still hasn't sold one of the hardware bundles. I'm sure there will be a bump for a couple of weeks though.

Shipped or sell through? Got to be shipped right, they couldn't get the sell through so fast...