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    Pokemon Gen/Region Competition: Round 18: Psuedo Legendary

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 March 2015

    Um... One massive flaw in this... Where is Salamence? R/S and Hoenn gave us two pseudo legendaries. I know it kinda ruins the game, but it's true....

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    Psycological Study explain why each system have lead sales in USA

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 February 2015

    DexInDaJungle said: LivingMetal said:I read somewhere that Microsoft did not name the Xbox 360 the Xbox 2 because it would look inferior to the PlayStation3. Take that however you will. Never heard that before, not sure how much truth there is to it but I can totally see that being the reason lol I promise you it is true. It was reported at the time that MS chose 360...

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    PS3 is still a better all round console than PS4

    in Sony Discussion on 21 February 2015

    Cloudman: yeah basically. Custom backgrounds, 3D, DLNA, mp3s, photos and videos, better organisation (Imo). And even beyond features, the PS3 is a better Bluray player and better at Netflix for image quality. It's kinda crazy. The PS4 feels very closed off and unremarkable, the PS3 was open ended and very friendly to multimedia. I kinda feel like PS4 stripped out great stuff for no good reason....

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    PS3 is still a better all round console than PS4

    in Sony Discussion on 21 February 2015

    I don't really understand why Sony has still, more than a year after release, gimped the PS4 in so many ways. i recently booted up my PS3 after a long absence, on my new 55" tv. Then it hit me: PS3 is just better atm. My custom image backround looked amazing (A Wipeout HD photo mode pic), the image quality is much better on Blurays and Netflix, and all my music files, photos and videos are all...

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    Favorite/Least favorite things about this mornings Nintendo Direct?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 January 2015

    Wasn't really bothered about any of it. Won't bother with n3DS as I've had two already - original and XL and tbh all I play on 3DS these days is Pokemon. As for Wii games on Wii U.... What the hell is the point? The console already plays the discs and the games aren't that old. Could understand if they were upscaled to HD, but nope. Utterly stupid, and represents Nintendo's weird scattergun...

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    Tomb Raider on PS4 only Ł15.99 UK

    in Sony Discussion on 14 January 2015

    Had to point out this cracking deal. £15.99 right now for the definitive edition, not even on sale. That is also cheaper than I have seen it on disc. I just bought it, only played a review copy on a 360 first time round so looking forward to enjoying it on my 55" curved 4ktv....

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    Pokémon ORAS pre-orders are higher than X/Y!?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 October 2014

    MohammadBadir said: InnocentSin said: MohammadBadir said: Ka-pi96 said: Interesting. I'd go 3>1>4>5>6>2 I wasn't really a fan of Johto. Although Crystal version is probably one of my most played games ever so :-D IMO:3>5>2>1>4>6 or 6>4I'm only counting the main 2 games. counting the entire gen, I'd...

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    Was going after the casual crowd a bad strategy for Nintendo last gen?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 October 2014

    Sold 250 million combined. So no. nintendo could and should have made Wii 2 and cruised to another 50 million+ sales. Why they didn't will always baffle me. Current struggles are the product of current choices. Not last gen....

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    Join my Driveclub?

    in Sony Discussion on 19 October 2014

    Apologies if there is a thread already. finally started Driveclub yesterday and am looking for someone to jump in my club... Search Evanstars. ps loving the game, much better than it has reviewed. 8/10 for me....

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    PS Plus refund?

    in Sony Discussion on 18 August 2014

    I got screwed by auto renew. I genuinely had no idea it would. The first thing I knew about it is when I got an email saying I'd been charged £40! While I was planning to renew, I wanted to buy a card in the sales cheap somewhere like I did the year before (for £29.99). Gah....

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    Why some people in the US deny global warming?

    in General Discussion on 18 August 2014

    I don't believe in global warming. And no, I'm not religious, I believe in evolution, love science, space, etc etc. And I'm from the UK. The problem is, global warming is just a load of hype. While the earth may be getting warmer - it is only part of the natural temperature cycles of the globe. The earth has been heating and cooling on a cycle for millions of years. It is a natural phenomenon,...

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    Who Else is Going to Buy GTA5 Again? Predictions!

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 August 2014

    I haven't played it, so I'm in.   was busy with exams last October. Then I got a PS4 ans was distracted. Then heard the rumours of a re release and decided to stick it out.   patience wins in the end my friends. Day 1 this time....

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    Rumor: Sony readying new PS4 SKU with 1TB storage for this Fall

    in Sony Discussion on 08 August 2014

    I hope all the people saying this will replace the 500GB are right, and the price will remain the same. But it won't. Sony is gonna get greedy now. The 500Gb will stay the same price, this will be £50 more, until after Christmas, then this will become standard and 500gb will disappear. Then it will be the old price, but not before Sony has milked people this Christmas......

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    When did you get your Wii U? What games did you have when you first got it?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 August 2014

    Release day, with Nintendoland, black premium bundle for £275, which was cheaper than the £320 it was supposed to be on the high street. Bought NSMBU, ZombiU and COD:BO2 soon after. Eventually traded the latter two in. According to my Wii U, I have played Nintendoland 8 hours since that day. NSMBU 20. Mario Kart 8 is already my most played title with 32 hours....

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    Sony: EA Access Doesn't "Represent Good Value To The PlayStation Gamer"

    in Sony Discussion on 30 July 2014

    irstupid said: BMaker11 said: irstupid said:To those saying it is bad for the industry is this works out. Why? Lets name some big Publishers, or has already been said Ubisoft, EA, Activision, ect. Lets say there is 4 companies doing this. That's ONLY $120. The price of ONLY 2 games. For that price I get the entire BACKLOG of all that companies games. Hell I'd be fine...

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    Reggie’s Thoughts on Wii U Outselling The PS4 and Xbox One

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 June 2014

    EdHieron said: DarkD said: EdHieron said:Microsoft and Sony never lied when the Wii was winning.  They just said they were far more powerful machines with many more times the better games than Wii, and they were telling the truth.   and you actually believe that....  You must live in a very special place then.  Take "The Last Guardian" for...

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    Best new Wii U game revealed at E3

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2014

    Oh how could I forget Mario Maker? As long as it has proper online for level sharing and you can easily download hundreds of levels and share them on Miiverse, it will be amazing. ...

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    Best new Wii U game revealed at E3

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2014

    Did we see it already? I know we knew the Yarn Yoshi code name, but I didn't realise we had seen footage....

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    Best new Wii U game revealed at E3

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2014

    Had to be Yoshi's Woolly World for me. As a long time Yoshi's Island fan, it's clearly the true sequel the game deserves. And that beautiful art style! i also really liked the look of Kirby's rainbow Curse. Not sold totally on Splatoon and Captain Toad yet as full price experiences, but they look fun.   Edit: why leave Yoshi off the poll? Am cry....

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    Smart or Stupid? Splatoon isn't a Mario game.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 June 2014

    The reason so many franchises of Nintendo continue to sell is because they are used sparingly. Nintendo has put out a lot of mainline and s few spin off Mario games in the past five years. I think they may be alarmed at how games like SM3DW and NSMBU sell decently, but not gangbusters, suggests some burnout.  in short, smart to make a new IP. Every IP was new once, and companies need to...

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