Forums - Sales Discussion - Which Console will be the first to hit 25million? [edit from 15m]

Domination Nation?

Wii U taking it back from... 32 9.91%
PS4 conquering more territories, taking names 276 85.45%
Xbone exploding with TITANFALL and Halo later 15 4.64%

The PS4 will have the better multiplats, and arguable the best exclusives.

The Wii U will have almost no third party support but will have arguably the best exclusive blockbusters launching this year like Mario Kart and Smash Bros coming soon which could change things up.

The Xbone has both third party support and arguably the best exclusives with Titanfall expected to destroy everything and Halo, Quantum break and Sunset overdrive fuelling the hype for the console after Titanfall launches. 

So who will it be. Remember how quickly things can change.


I go with Titanfall destroying EVERYTHING known to man. ok, im blowing this out of proportion, but discuss. Do you think things can change? e.g Xbone taking the US and UK back before the holidays and reaching the 15m mark before the PS4 or Wii U. PS4 replicating PS2 success or Wii U exploding. Grabbing all the market share lost, BACK. 


[EDIT] PS4 takes the title for first to 15 million according to VGchartz members, getting 90% of the votes.

Now, Race to 25 million. post ur answer if uv already voted under 15 million previously.

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I see the Playstation hitting the 15 million first, that price tag!

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I think most people will be very surprised if that's not the PS4.

Easy answer. Its PS4. It might hit 15 million mark this year.

Ouya obviously.

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The only reasonable answer at this point in time is the PlayStation 4.


Titanfall will move units, but neither the standard Xbox One or the Titanfall bundle have been top of Amazon bestsellers, where PS4 has been for over a day. If that is the same as in stores Xbox One won't even win March NPD.

In the longterm, Xbox One still has a chance of winning UK and US, but it will have to do everything right. But neither Quantum Break or Sunset Overdrive are system sellers.

So I would say PS4 by a comfortable margin.

PS4 will do so before the end of this year. Titanfall will provide a boost for a week or two before the X1 flatlines again. Same thing for Mario Kart and Wii U. The Ps4 will continue to steamroll both, especially as the big multiplat and exclusive games start coming out

I use the word "arguably" for all consoles because according to most gamers, They love their platform of choice because it has the best exclusives. :P

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