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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mass Effect Trilogy could be remastered for Xbox One and PS4

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Would you buy the Mass Effect Trilogy for a next gen console?

Definitely for Xbox One 19 15.32%
Definitely for PS4 68 54.84%
Why would I want to play that rubbish again? 22 17.74%
Series of last generation... 15 12.10%

i doubt it would be worth the cost for them to do it, but good for them if they think it is
As good as they were/are, I certainly won't be buying them all again (I'm probably not the only on either)
I'd much rather have BioWare put their money into something new

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increases the value of MassEffect3 on Wiiu even more i guess?

Yeah.... No...... Never in my 25 years of gaming has a Game/series ending been so horrible as ME3's
100+ hour down the drain for that again? no thanks I rather buy a FFXIII remake.

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Wright said: WiiU?

What is a Wii U?

OT: Meh.. I don't really care. Just give me Mass Effect 4 with a brand-new universe and then I will give a damn..

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I like Mass Effect a lot but no. Enough with the remakes for games that only came out a matter of years ago. Have we run out of ideas that we must now re-release all the time?

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Carl2291 said:
Wright said: WiiU?

EA develop for platforms they see as financially viable.

Wii U isnt one of those platforms.

Nor is the 3DS.

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I would buy it for PS4 day one.


They'd have to go out of their way to make it look better than the PC version... ain't gonna happen.

That would be sweet. It would be even sweeter if they upgraded the games to run at mass effect 3 kind of gameplay. Reguardless theyw ill have my money if they do this. Mass effect trilogy are my favorite games of all time.

famousringo said:

Nor is the 3DS.

Same boat as Wii, PSP and Vita for them. Will get a Yearly FIFA.

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