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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mass Effect Trilogy could be remastered for Xbox One and PS4

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Would you buy the Mass Effect Trilogy for a next gen console?

Definitely for Xbox One 19 15.32%
Definitely for PS4 68 54.84%
Why would I want to play that rubbish again? 22 17.74%
Series of last generation... 15 12.10%

I'd buy whichever consoles version makes the mako manageable in ME1.

Eesh. Another remake that i am more excitrd for than all next gen announced games so far.

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thats awkward ive been wanting to play ME3 again with all the DLC and its all on sale right now, all up $50 but if this sale probably ends on thursday, if only they could tell us by then I would wait and rebuy otherwise if I get the DLC im not buying this again

Would like that. Played 1 on 360 lost interest and never played again. I want to give it another shot.

If they fixed the shooting and AI on the first game it could actually be pretty good. The story and stuff is great, the gameplay is fu**ing terrible. The second and third games also have really lackluster shooting. If there was a documentary of Mass Effect, I'd think it'd be called this.  Mass Effect: How to make the most boring third person shooter in the world.

I'd be wait and see on this honestly. The third game was hit and miss for me.

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If they release the trilogy for $40 like they did last gen with HD remakes, then sure. I haven't played the 3rd one yet, $40 isn't too bad to play it over and take a save game through the whole trilogy. (Lost my old ones before 3 came out)

Let a different team do it though. I rather have a new game that decides what it wants to be from the start, instead of going from rpg to cover based shooter.

I'd buy that for a dollar. any body get that reference.

If it stabilizes the framerate and isn't any more than $40 I might consider it.

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Yeah it definitely couldn't be too expensive, and it would absolutely have to include the DLC.

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I would prefer a new trilogy.

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