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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mass Effect Trilogy could be remastered for Xbox One and PS4

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Would you buy the Mass Effect Trilogy for a next gen console?

Definitely for Xbox One 19 15.32%
Definitely for PS4 68 54.84%
Why would I want to play that rubbish again? 22 17.74%
Series of last generation... 15 12.10%
TheLegendaryWolf said:
Nintentacle said:
Wright said: WiiU?

Wii U haz no power even though it can handle it. Also the sales are low just like Xbox One...

They will say the WiiU isn't powerful enough for Mass Effect Trilogy and EA will continue to ignore Nintendo...


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yo_john117 said:
I would buy this without even batting an eye. I just hope that if they do make it, they fix the frammerate issues that the original Mass Effect had.

Oh yeah... that was awful.

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Already have the Trilogy on 360, but I could always buy again. Need another excuse for buying ME2 for the 5th time.

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Wright said: WiiU?

EA develop for platforms they see as financially viable.

Wii U isnt one of those platforms.


I would triple dip for this. Already bought it on last gen consoles and PC but oh well I love Mass Effect lol

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If they are running at 1080p 60fps better textures all around and include all of the dlc for a price of 49.99 or less then i will buy this day one if its missing one of those things just focus on me 4 because nobody will give a...`*Assuming Direct Control*Yes i will buy it EA make a horrible lazy port i will buy it nonetheless.

Yeah for gaming! Yearly sequels and remasters! Now if they only could combine them...


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I don't want this...mainly because I know I would impulse buy the trio again and play them all again...but awe's a dirty job but someone's got to do it.

LOVE the series but no way i will waste money on this games again, lets move on, show me mass effect 4.


BenVTrigger said:
I would triple dip for this. Already bought it on last gen consoles and PC but oh well I love Mass Effect lol

Same, I have every game on Xbox 360 and on PC.  Most DLC on both platforms as well.

That would be key, whether DLC was included in the trilogy.

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