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Runa216 said:
brendude13 said:
Runa216 said:
brendude13 said:

Oh wow, we've never heard this before.

Final Fantasy VI is an objectively bad game.

Care to back up your statements with facts or at least palpable arguments?  I'd love to hear how FFVI is in any way bad.  Great characters, the best FF Villain, one of the best game soundtracks ever, Half linear, half completely nonlinear, two complete, unique worlds, a super large cast, tonnes of side quests and backstory for almost every character, a simple but immensely fun magic and esper system, gameplay that included gamer input (Sabin's blitz's, Setzer's slots, being the best examples), gameplay that went out of its way to not JUST be boring RPG crap, like steal missions, concurrent plot lines, divergent control, multiple parties.  

Yeah.  No.  IT was not objectively a bad game.  Nice lame attempt to troll.  

I honestly don't like it.

Bland world with repetitive towns and locations, poorly designed characters with very little development, Kefka is an annoying and cliche villain ripped straight out of a pantomime, the soundtrack is somewhat irritating and the overall story and narrative is so weak that you're often left wondering what you're supposed to do next.

Objectively a poor game, end of story.

but none of that is 'objective' analysis.  You find it bland?  Sure, but it isn't.  It's incredibly deep.  The towns and locations are actually quite varied, so you're wrong there.  The characters have some of the best development of any game, let alone any FF game, so again you're plain wrong there.  Kefka can be annoying, I'll give you that, but he's also one of the most maniacal, devious, effective villains in all of gaming.  The soundtrack was fantastic, though music can be subjective so I'll leave that point alone.  The narrative was not weak, and even as a kid I never, ever had any problem knowing what to do next. 

Subjectively not a game you like, sure, but not objectively bad.  

Talking about a broken, restrictive combat system, linear narration, and an un-engaging story that barely includes the player at all?  That's objecively a poor game.  If I Wanted to read an encyclopedia, I'd go to the library.  

I'm not saying I find it bland, I'm TELLING you it's bland. How is it not an objective analysis, yet yours is? How can I be wrong when I'm right?

@ Bolded: Wa-hey, we're getting somewhere...Kinda.

Surely reviewers are meant to review games objectively? Did Square Enix pay-off all 82 reviewers (ignoring the single reviewer that gave the game a negative review) or something?

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FFX is to me the best FF made. I have to have put at least 500 hours into it. Can't wait to play it on vita after having not played it for nearly 7 years.

For me personally, it's the most touching story I have ever experienced in all my 30 years of gaming. To this day, hearing the music moves me in a way few things do.

I don't have a FAVORITE game of all time, but I have a handful that could be that game at any given time and FF X is one of those games.

I played Final Fantasy X my freshman year of college after two of my roommates beat it and both told me I HAD to play this amazing game. So I did. And never finished it. I just didn't think it was that good and ended up bored with it.

I liked the battle system. I remember having a lot of fun with it, and it became even better when you started getting Aeons to summon into battle. Blitzball was a ton of fun. I really liked that. It was a great little distraction whenever you wanted it.

The story and characters were ok. Not great, but not bad either. Somewhere in the middle.

What I really didn't like was how linear this game was. I really think that this is what lead to me just quitting. Every RPG I had played up to that point gave you a world to wander around in. This game gave you a hallway. Usually with vast open spaces on either side that you just can't get to. I remember being able to see the entire width of the path on the screen at once in most areas. That's terrible. Big desert? Sorry, take this one path. Big field? Sorry, take this one path. I think I just got tired of holding one direction on the controller.

Let's compare it to a game like Pokemon Blue. It actually has a world built somewhat similarly. In that game you have town-hallway-town-hallway-town-hallway, etc. The difference there, is that each 'hallway' is built a bit like a simple maze. It keeps things interesting. And instead of all the hallways built end to end (like FFX felt), the 'hallways' started to intersect each other after you beat just a few gyms. On top of that you got the occasional cave or building which was a more complex maze. (Then of course you had the autonomy to capture and level Pokemon as you saw fit, making the game feel even less linear.)

I just took a look at a guide to figure out how far into the game I was, and I think I was getting well past half way. I remember beating Seymour and being at a point where the game would not let you play Blitzball. I think when that sense of autonomy was lost, it was game over. Sorry, I don't want to push straight ahead anymore. I'm done.

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brendude13 said:

I'm not saying I find it bland, I'm TELLING you it's bland. How is it not an objective analysis, yet yours is? How can I be wrong when I'm right?

@ Bolded: Wa-hey, we're getting somewhere...Kinda.

Surely reviewers are meant to review games objectively? Did Square Enix pay-off all 82 reviewers (ignoring the single reviewer that gave the game a negative review) or something?

People are prone to making mistakes.  Look at Grand Theft Auto IV, got the best reviews of this generation, yet I can't find a person that actually likes it.  Now, it's all jokes about "NIKO ITS YOUR COUSIN ROMAN WANT TO GO SHOOT SOME POOL!".  Just like how people were awed by FF's graphics and legacy.  HEll, even Killzone Shadow Fall only got the reviews it did because "oooh, shiny!"  

And by the way, Final Fantasy XIII has a lower metascore than Final Fantasy X-2, which is considered a joke.  So yes, it is pretty damn bad.  

FFXIII has only gotten worse in time as people found that the little niggling doubts they had are full blown issues, whereas older games like VI get better with age as we find more to like.  

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Kresnik said:
lilwingman said:

This intrigues me.  I by no means hated XIII, thought the paradigm system had a lot of potential and kept you on your toes in battle, and obviously it looked great, but after 45 hours or so I just lost interest.  Which has NEVER happened before with a main FF title.  I have gone back and restarted on two separate occasions, and both times (as well as the first) I finally get to Gran Pulse and play around for a bit and it's just mehhhh.  It also had my least favourite characters of any FF game so that probably didn't help.  But I've seen FF XIII-2 as low as $7.99 over the holidays, perhaps I should give it a shot.

I think the biggest thing about XIII-2 is that I went in with lowered expectations so it managed to vastly exceed them.  I wasn't planning on buying the game - I was given it as a Christmas present by a relative who knew I liked Final Fantasy but didn't know I hated XIII.  I'm planning on buying Lightning Returns as a result of enjoying XIII-2.

If I were to give you a summary of improvements I enjoyed:


  • Graphics are as good as they were in XIII but I though the environments were much more interestingly designed.
  • Soundtrack was good in XIII but was stellar in XIII-2 (1 or 2 examples of my favourite tracks).
  • Paradigm battle system isn't touched much from XIII.  If you enjoyed it then, you'll enjoy it now.  Only difference is that you can customise your third party member by choosing from a variety of different monsters you have to catch.
  • Premise of the game itself is much more interesting.  Revisiting different zones throughout different periods of time leads to some incredibly interesting scenarios.
  • Story still isn't Final Fantasy's strongest, but it hooked me a lot more than XIII.
  • Focusing on Serah & Noel instead of an overly expanded cast was a smart move that led to more character development.
  • Game is much more compact, clocking in around ~ 25 hours for me to finish the story (compared to a drawn out ~ 45 for XIII).  Optional stuff on top of that.
Basically, they cleaned up the story; characterization; pacing and linearity issues from XIII and made the game a lot shorter with a lot more optional content should you choose to do that kind of stuff.  That was perfect for me.  For $7.99 I can highly recommend you give the game a try.  Thankfully darkknightkryta seems to be backing me up on this one too, so good to know I'm not alone on this one.  Let me know what you think if you do end up buying it :)


Sold! I'm in the middle of Tales of Xillia now and then I wanna play through Far Cry 3 afterwards, but next time I see it on sale I'll definitely pick it up. 

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