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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is VGChartz's opinion on Final Fantasy X?

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             What the subject says.. I  came with the idea of this thread because this is the Final Fantasy since VI that always stood out to me.   VI  is universally loved and  there are few people who don't like it, VII while it is outdated,  it  is still a  decent JRPG.  VIII started to get a good chunk of hate during the last decade or so and  that  really hurt the game's reputation. IX is a cult classic and the most loved FF game by both critics and fans. XII is a generally disliked FF game even though it also has a good chunk of fans who enjoy it. XIII, XIII-2 and X-2 are universally hated so fuck 'em. 

               I always thought  FFX was something 50%/50% to me.. The graphics are beautiful, the music is OK, the characters are  pretty decent  minus a few exceptions (*cough* Rikku * cough* Tidus *cough*) and the battle system is  good, but the voice acting is terrible, the game was just too fucking linear and the story overall was unoriginal and lazy.

             So, what are your opinions on Final Fantasy X? Is it a great game, is it the first bad Final Fantasy game ever or is  it simply disappointing, yet good?

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XIII-2 is really not so bad, I think the average JRPG fan can enjoy that one.

Anyway I spend the most time in a single playtrought with FFX, for me it is very enjoyable and I loved a lot of the side quests. It is not my favourite one but the amount of content/great music/and a very interesting level up system made me spend 200-300 hours in it. I had one time a holiday of two weeks and I only played that game, people were shocked when they saw me again because I lost more than 10kg. I survived on rice crackers ^^'.

I would give FFX a 9/10 and FFX -2 a 6/10.

Best video game ever.

The last great Final Fantasy if you ask me. At the time, I think it was voted the best game ever among readers of Game Now magazine, too.

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It wasn't a bad game in my opinion, but it was the catalyst to the downfall of the franchise for me.

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It's the last main series Final Fantasy that I really liked. The story was suitably quality, with some nice twists and turns, not to mention good use of plot points to promote themes. The characters were not universally well developed, but were on the whole a generally likable group of people. The combat system is my favorite in the series, main iteration or not, the presentation is likewise stellar, etc.

Even some of my complaints about the game are neutralized by what I like about it. The game's linearity, for example, makes sense in the context of the game's story, especially towards the ending. The voice acting isn't always what I'd like, nor is the writing quality, but it lends the game a feeling of adolescent awkwardness that fits the game surprisingly well. Seriously, I'd rather have the occasional awkward phrasing than a somewhat better cast of actors simply because the occasional awkward moment wasn't that bad and managed to convince you that this was the story of an angsty teen from their point of view.

In retrospect, the main problem I have with FFX is the inability to skip cutscenes, even if you Game Over and have to watch them again. This also makes it harder to just jump back into the game if you want to experience the gameplay. But considering how loads of early PS2 games had this problem, I';m not going to be too harsh.

8.5/10, have played multiple times and will play at least once again.

Love and tolerate.

I kinda seem to love even numbered FF games lol So for me X fits right after VIII and VI.

My least favorite entry (excluding MMOs) along with VIII I have played (I started with IV on SNES).

I hated the protagonist and never got invested in the story. The world felt so small and the mini game was a nightmare for me. Overall this was the entry where Final Fantasy ceased being special to me and became another RPG series. Due to its disappointment I actually enjoyed XIII because I didn't expect it to be another IV, V, VI, VII, or IX. I imagine I'll enjoy XV for same reason, but I do not anticipate a return to the golden era of the series.

My #1 game of all time.