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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is VGChartz's opinion on Final Fantasy X?

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I liked the soundtrack.

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Best FF game

TheLastStarFighter said:

Not really. Final Fantasy has always been in a corridor for the most part. Try taking a " different path" in 4.

And yet every other game has managed to give you the illusion of freedom by giving you a world map to do with optional side quests and things to scope out on it. 

Final Fantasy X offered you a world map... in the final section of the game.  A world map where you clicked and chose what location you wanted to go to.  Certainly a long way removed from that feeling of awe when you first step outside of Midgar, that's for sure.

When Final Fantasy started going downhill.

It was one of 2 reasons to own a PS2. That and SotC.

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A slight step down from FFIX, but still a great game. It was the start of a lot of the things the series is criticized for now though, like a more linear progression, no world map, less focus on ATB.

Tidus is a whiney little shit
Seymour is the most obvious and pointless villain ever.
Auron was a badass
Yuna, Lulu, and Rikku were awesome
The combat was fantastic
The technology is completely contrived



For me a 93 out of 100.

One of my most favorite battle systems, the leveling up system is a bit weird at first but easy once you figure it out, story, characters, and the music are amazing and the visuals were great at its time.

Recommended if there are doods out there who havent played it :o.

(Was also my first Playstation game!)


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I don't know why people say that linearity is a bad thing.

Some of the best games I've played from each genre were linear: Final Fantasy X, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, The Walking Dead, etc.

Open worlds don't always compliment games. It does befit some of them but it's not decisive of whether it's good or not.

If you don't like linearity then that's fine but keep in mind that you are the problem, not the game.

Second favorite FF title(after FFVII)
-Great Story and Mythos. Maybe the most cohesive in the series.
-Best Traditional Turn Based Combat ....... period
-Original Roster of strong Characters, Strongest being Tidus,Auron, Yuna. Weakest being Kimhari and Rikku but they are no Vanille/Hope/ Snow or Irvine/Selphie for sure. Yuna is maybe my favorite Female lead in the series, Terra and Lightning aint got shit on her.
-invented the leveling system that replaced the traditional "Level Up" that you now see in every JRPG, Sphere Grid. XII, XIII and Tales have blatantly ripped it off.
-Best Side Quest in the series, Blitzball (the only sports game I will ever play).
-tolerable linearity due to superb pacing(IMO) and enough detours to make it still feel open.




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