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Second favorite FF title(after FFVII)
-Great Story and Mythos. Maybe the most cohesive in the series.
-Best Traditional Turn Based Combat ....... period
-Original Roster of strong Characters, Strongest being Tidus,Auron, Yuna. Weakest being Kimhari and Rikku but they are no Vanille/Hope/ Snow or Irvine/Selphie for sure. Yuna is maybe my favorite Female lead in the series, Terra and Lightning aint got shit on her.
-invented the leveling system that replaced the traditional "Level Up" that you now see in every JRPG, Sphere Grid. XII, XIII and Tales have blatantly ripped it off.
-Best Side Quest in the series, Blitzball (the only sports game I will ever play).
-tolerable linearity due to superb pacing(IMO) and enough detours to make it still feel open.




Greatness Awaits

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