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Sleepyprince said:
" Tekken 5 is in my view the pinnacle of the series. "

You have good taste mate.

Indeed. I'll also add Tekken 5 doesn't have the worst move in Tekken history. Asuka's counter throws (back plus throw). It can be performed so quickly and without precision (unlike other character's counters which rely on a punch being thrown at the exact moment you use it) and can counter someone before they know what has happened. A joke of a move. 


Oh, on subject, I'll add Bloody Roar 2 and Tobal No 1 for memory sake. 

Hmm, pie.

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My favorite ones are:

Capcom vs SNK 2
Guilty Gear XX etc
Mortal Kombat 9
Marvel vs capcom 2

I havent bought Marvel vs capcom 3 yet but i will probably get the Vita version when they have a sale.
I love fighting games, but i dont play them online cause it require you to study the game and the characters and while i love to watch i cant be arsed with the practice necessary to pull off all the crazy long combos.

Smash 64/Melee (never owned Melee but loved to play it at my friend).

And of course Tekken 3.

Cant decide if I like Tekken 3 or 5 more. I put hundreds of hours into them as well as any other tekken game :P

Anyways I also like blazblue for its story(i know for a fighting game :P) and i'd love to see a return of the bloody roar series


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Tekken 3
Tekken Rev
PS All Stars BR
Tekken 5 DR
Tekken Tag Tournament 1

In no order

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Playing Persona 4: Arena at the moment. I bought it for the story, but it's actually a very enjoyable fighting game. Smash Bros and All Stars are enjoyable too.

Street Fighter IV.

Tekken Tag Tournament for PS2 played it for over 10 years never got tired everything is perfect.

Street Fighter II

Tsubasa Ozora

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Well I don't play very many of them but.....

Dead or Alive 3, Soul Calibur 4, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Def Jam Fight for NY, Super Smash Bros. Melee 

I like Darkstalkers 3.. does that count?? I never really got into Virtual Fighter or Tekken... I do like.. Fighting Vipers though.. I guess I am old school when it comes to fighters..

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