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Forums - Sales Discussion - Prediction: Wii U will sell under 40 million units

Too low. Way too low actually imo.

I'm not really here!

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I predict 75 million.

superchunk said:

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Damn...I wish I knew that at the time

Oh and I whole-heartidly disagree with you.

May I ask why?

This is a tough call. Personally, I see more parallels with the N64/Gamecube era of Nintendo than with the Wii, so I think it will surely sell less than the Wii. However, unless Sony or MS have a strong showing to capitalize on this effect it should sell better than 40 million by default. Since there is no indication as of yet that either Sony or MS will have a strong showing, I am going to go with 60+ million.

How do you breathe again?

Disagree. 60 mill at worst.

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Extremely hard to say at this point. It could go to anywhere between 65-90 million depending on future support (from third parties and Nintendo themselves), when they decide to cancel it and most of all: The competition. It is indeed possible that many current HD console owners plan to hold on to their current hardware well into the next generation. Same can't be said about the Wii owners who have basically already let go of the console (just look at the Mario Party 9 sales).

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It could be a flop, it could be a huge success...

...but no way will it sell less than 40mil.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

The Wii sold fucking poor in Japan but the Wii U is a console disguised as a handheld and will have Monster Hunter games probably over it's whole lifetime. Maybe even with extended connectivity to the 3DS like 3G will so. I really think the Wii U will easily outsell the Wii's numbers in Japan. We'll see if it will have success in the west. But I don't see it selling less than 60 million world wide lifetime.

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I have come to support this thread.

They will do a price drop before they let it do anything crazy.

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i would love to see the reasoning, no way in hell. Even PS3 managed to do more than that and that had alot more going against it than WIi U. Absoulute worst is selling as well as either HD twins in the end which would mean about 70-80mil