Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which console has the best lineup for the 1st half of 2008 in your opinion?

Kyros said:
The wii has brawl and a port from a year old ps2 game(okami), and the 360 has fired its biggest guns end of 2007

I guess mario kart & wii fit are not going to sell anything right? And KZ 2 is not coming in the first half of 08.


However, if you are so sure about the sony domination why don't take my bet?


Both Kart / Brawl's first month sales (worldwide) are going to outsell the first month sales (worldwide) of any ps3 game.


I'm willing to bet a perma ban, or perhaps a short ban like 2 weeks or so.

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Wii, of course. It has three games that are almost certain to sell at least 15,000,000 units (Fit, Brawl and Kart) that are gonna get very high reviews, and a bunch of interesting third party games.

kyros, what do you mean "not even a contest"? the wii's lineup imo beats ps3's! wii is getting a lot of heavy hitters. also, "not even a contest" isn't a very good term at all! wii's lineup is competition for ps3's. now 360's lineup, is empty!!! (a lot of 2007 games should have been pushed back to 2008.) gta4 will make up for this though.)

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Wii: 135 mil

Ps3: 85 mil

360: 60 mil

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hmm, given I had all three consoles....

I would say 360 for GTA4, and then Wii for MKWii, and then PS3 for an exclusive.

I really wish GTA4 was coming for Wii. So far there have been only two games I wish I had a 360 for. GeoW and GTA4. PS3 still doesn't have anything exclusive that I really miss. Maybe MGS when it comes out.

Haha GTA bigger than Brawl?
Cmon people, the GTA franchise its still feeding itself from the push that GTA 3 represente...That was an innovative and inspired game, but it was 6 years ago and is not that fun right now.
Some day, gamers will look back and notice that the PSX GTAs were far more entertaining and inspired that the soullless streets of 3D GTAs
Notice that i have played all GTAs and I considere they are great games, just not in the same league of any Nintendo, Konami, Capcom franchise, as most people tend to think.
Its fun for a while, but in the end is another game, not one destined to leave any major memorie.
That said, this wont make GTA4 stop selling like bread, I just feel pity that MGS4 doesnt seems to be the most waited PS3 game, such a shame...

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I thought this thread was about personal opinion -_- jeeeeeeezus we have some defensive Wii fans here. Personally I think the Wii's line up sucks >_> man it's great to have an opinion.

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carlos710 said:
Jandre002 said:
Oh of course it will sell more. I just dont think the Wii selling alot of consoles makes a game like SSBB better than the next installment of the GTA series. Its the best sandbox game ever.

But lifetime, I will go ahead and bet that the PS3 version of GTA4 will outsell SSBB. LIFETIME though. The PS3 needs a bigger install base

 So you agree that Brawl it's going to be a bigger game. Good.

i dont

 the 360 version will sell more then the wii easy and its muti-plaform so GTV will sell more more people will buy it weather its 360 or ps3 and it will sell more the SSBB life time and whatever esle so its in fact a smaller game... in terms of everything/way possible


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I am willing to bet that GTA4 sells more WW first month on PS3/360 combined then SSBB.

Two week ban?