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Forums - Movies & TV - Michael Bay is ruining the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot

leatherhat said:
It is to be expected

Was thinking something similar.

Remember EA doing a Michael Bay directed trailer for Need for Speed: The Run. That should have been all I needed to see to know the game would be a total flop.

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They keep screwing things up over there at Hollywood don't they?

I don't understand. It's like, if things can go wrong then they decide to make them go that way.

VGKing said:
No offense but you're complaining about nothing.
You sound like one of those hipster who hates everything that's popular.

So, you don't mind him taking one of the most beloved franchises (of many people here) and completely messing with the origin story of it? You can't just completely change something that has been known for almost 30 years and completely mess with it, changing how they became the TMNT.

I think I know the problem. Bay just read it wrong and thought that TMNT stood for 'Teenage Martian Ninja Turtles'.

Michael bay will make the reboot better than the original. The original movies were basically about how cool it was to be a ninja turtle. And if his transformers experience tells us anything, we will have better fights, and special effects if anything.


Whole thread of hatorade

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What would you expect from Micheal Boom.


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He will put the TNT in TMNT!

Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

aren't the turtles the result of some sort of nuclear waste or toxic waste in sewers or something? i forget its been a long time.
but its basically the same story as spider man and many other super heroes so why isn't it believable to kids again?

I'm just hoping he'll be in control of a Ghostbusters movie at some point. Perhaps instead of ghosts, they'll go after vampires or werewolves. Or Scooby Doo, where Scooby and the gang are all real life sharks.


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