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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you getting sick of open world games?

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Qustion is in the title

Yes 34 24.82%
No 85 62.04%
I used to be, but then I ... 10 7.30%
^That rhymes 6 4.38%




On last week's mailbox we had Steve Wright, who parroted Tim Schafer's sentiments by saying publishers are scared of new IPs and that he's bored of sequels.

This week we've got Jon Gates, who's just a says he feels just a little bit overwhelmed by open-world games.

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Over to Jon.


One step at a time. Just like Bats.I'm fed up of open worlds. Arkham City is daunting, and before I can do small quests on Skyrim I'm thrust into destroying dragons. Both are excellent, but there's too much. Sandbox is great, but Arkham Asylum and Hitman show it doesn't have to be massive to be enjoyable.


PSM3 says: Many found Arkham City overwhelming - fair point - but you can ignore the main quests in Skyrim and the dragons won't turn up. Good point: are big worlds really better than small, highly-detailed ones?

CVG says: We agree, open-world games can be very overwhelming and in fact we'll admit to feeling a bit lost for the first hour or two of Arkham City, but there's a trick to playing them.

It's important to compartmentalise your tasks and also prioritise what you want to do. For example, in Skyrim we focused on each of the different guilds before powering through the main quest. In Batman we opted to complete the main story before heading back and mopping up the Riddler's stuff. By doing that we find open-world games to be far more manageable.

You're right though, games don't have to be huge to be enjoyable, but it's nice to have the option. 


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Loved GTA 3. Got tired of the Genre by the time Vice City came out. I tolerated True Crime. Never finished True Crime New York. Hated the Spider-Man games (SM2, Ultimate Spiderman), like Hulk Ultimate Destruction, loved GTA San Andreas, hated Saints Row 1, hated GTA4, loved Saints Row 2, LLOVED Red Dead Redemption, didn't get ten minutes into Undead Nightmare, really liked Saints Row 3, couldn't stomach No More Heroes 1 and 2 and I feel that Arkham City is a 10/10 game.

So, to answer your question: I have no fucking idea.

I'm 50-50 as well...

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As long as they're engrossing and good, no.

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Nope, i'm getting sick of games that aren't open world.

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Personally, I don't own many open world games. The only one I can think of is actually GTA 2 to be honest... I do play it sometimes at friends houses and never get tired of it though, so I'd say no.

^Another rhyme, lol

It depends on the game ...

Some games/genres were really not designed to be open world games (racing games for example) while others really suffer if they're too linear.

people like open world games if there are things to do...

if you find open world games too overwhelming, here's a suggestion... play other games...

Depends, I don't like how games like Skyrim allow players to do almost everything before they get to the main storyline. It kills it for me.