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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you getting sick of open world games?

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Qustion is in the title

Yes 34 24.82%
No 85 62.04%
I used to be, but then I ... 10 7.30%
^That rhymes 6 4.38%

if there is any genre im getting sick of it would be the split screenless first person shooter genre , as of this gen , this genre has been killed for me ,

out side goldeneye quantum of solace red steel conduit and cod 4 there were far to many that just tried to copy one another and leave the most important mode of play-split screen

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hell no we need more rpg of them


You wanna have your opinion, then you have to respect different opinions as well.


I like exploring, but I also like games to have a clear beginning, middle and end. Skyrim failed in the last part, it kinda just fizzles out and becomes boring. The world of dark souls kept me engaged longer and had me play through it 3 times while I put Skyrim away after there was no where left to go but more samey dungeons.

Fallout NV had better structure and progression. I didn't feel like anything had really changed in Skyrim after completing any of the quest lines.

There is nothing wrong with linear games either. Catherine, El Shaddai, Uncharted 3, The Witcher 2, Dues Ex HR were all awesome last year. As long as there is some structure open world games are great as well.

Had you ask me this question last gen, I would have said yes, Everyone was trying to be like GTA, but this gen. We have open world games that play different, AC, Infamous, Bully, Just Cause 2 etc. They all play different and are unique, if anything open world games have been the most improved this gen.

Love open world games just wish they were of better quality.Better story telling, voice Acting, less bugs/glitches.

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I think, like most other genres, as long as I don't get buried, I'm fine with them. I love a good JRPG but I wouldn't play two in a row. I gotta have a cooling off period. One every six months and I'm good.

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If you got lost in Arkham City then I think it's fair to say that you are a bad gamer.

Depends entirely on the game itself. You always gonna get good and bad games irrespective of the type of game.

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If you're tired of open-world games....then maybe you're playing too many open world games? It's simple: don't like it, don't play it.

I've never really played an open-world game that held my attention for too long (haven't played any of the GTAs for more than a couple hours, total, for example), with two exceptions:

1) Simpsons: Hit and Run. But it's not /really/ open world. Sort of in between, also, it's Simpsons. So I have like a natural bias.

2) Red Dead Redemption. I only started playing it about 2 weeks ago, and I've already clocked up a massive 10 hours on it (for me, that's a lot of game time). Again, though, I may just love it because the wild west is my favourite era/place in history.