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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you getting sick of open world games?

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Qustion is in the title

Yes 34 24.82%
No 85 62.04%
I used to be, but then I ... 10 7.30%
^That rhymes 6 4.38%

If you don't like open world then you should play an open world game.

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Yes. As much as i value replayability, i tend very much to dislike open world (indeed, i'm not sure if i own a single open-world game in all of my collection). I need a better balance struck between structure and freedom, and more than that i need content, but with structure

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if its open world it has to have content.
look at skyrim, it has tons of things to do people to see and its beautiful
look at LA noire.
it has nothing to do...
Open world will always be better then closed hallways that mass effect and linear shooters give, but that is assuming the open world has actual content.

Andrespetmonkey said:
Not at all, I can't wait for GTAV.

Same here dude, it's pretty much the only game I'm dying for in 2012. 

I've not played too many lately, so no.


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I think open world games, if done right, an be the ultimate gaming experience. Having a fiction world to do whatever the hell you want with no consequences is kinda the reason people play video games. So as of now, I'm fine.

2000cc said:
If its open world at the expense of story OH GOD YES!!!!!,

If the two can co-exist then I have no problem with open world games, the prevailing open world watered down 'make your own tale by going wherever you want' affairs make stories so awful, tedious & bland its not even worth the time playing them imo. Even one ofr two real fleshed out characters would be nice, and a villian who isnt an unexplained-in-motive (besides "hes evil") sorceror or dragon.

Havent tried kingdoms of amalur or the witcher 2 yet, hoping one of those will break the usual sea of mistakes (imo of course, this whole statement is just my opinion) that commonly exist in these titles.

& it definitely can be done, Final Fantasy 12 is my favourite game &that is open world, but it has a strong overaching story with developed characters & a villain who is quite understandable in his actions (& not a sorceror or dragon).

Come on kingdoms of amalur & the witcher 2! I have hope!

Summer Donna.

Witcher 2 isn't open world at all. It operates off of three centralized hubs, with a prologue that is almost entirely linear. The third hub is much smaller than the first two. It is not open world at all.

Open world > linear imo

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I don't mind open world games, as long as they are good like Just Cause 2 or Crackdown. Just cause 2 is the best open world game ever made. Spent dozens of hours just playing around the island, conquering every military base, city/village, etc. Taking the helicopter and just flying all over the place, skydiving. It doesn't hurt that the island is so incredibly varied, with jungles, snow covered mountains and deserts.

Unfortunately most open world games I've played are just dull, They are big, but there is nothing to do in them (nothing fun at least) which makes it boring. Also after a while it gets tedious traveling all over the place, a good example is Red Dead Redemption, in the end i just used quick travel.

Depends on the game, there can be too little and possibly too much going on in the world. There needs to be a good balance. I really hate linear paths for certain games, it is nice to explore a huge world from time to time.