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2000cc said:
If its open world at the expense of story OH GOD YES!!!!!,

If the two can co-exist then I have no problem with open world games, the prevailing open world watered down 'make your own tale by going wherever you want' affairs make stories so awful, tedious & bland its not even worth the time playing them imo. Even one ofr two real fleshed out characters would be nice, and a villian who isnt an unexplained-in-motive (besides "hes evil") sorceror or dragon.

Havent tried kingdoms of amalur or the witcher 2 yet, hoping one of those will break the usual sea of mistakes (imo of course, this whole statement is just my opinion) that commonly exist in these titles.

& it definitely can be done, Final Fantasy 12 is my favourite game &that is open world, but it has a strong overaching story with developed characters & a villain who is quite understandable in his actions (& not a sorceror or dragon).

Come on kingdoms of amalur & the witcher 2! I have hope!

Summer Donna.

Witcher 2 isn't open world at all. It operates off of three centralized hubs, with a prologue that is almost entirely linear. The third hub is much smaller than the first two. It is not open world at all.