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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are you getting sick of open world games?

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Qustion is in the title

Yes 34 24.82%
No 85 62.04%
I used to be, but then I ... 10 7.30%
^That rhymes 6 4.38%

I've never enjoyed playing sandbox-style games, so I've never grown tired of playing them. I have always avoided them.

I like games streamlined and with clear objectives. And I don't want to die when travelling to where I get the next objective, like I kept getting while playng FarCry 2.

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i mean i have learnt i like my games to be between 8-12 hours, 20 hour games just don't go well with me.
so an open world game like Assassins's creed is alright but Skyrim is just to much, although i can appreciate it for what it is

Not really even though some games like L.A. Noire would probably be better if they were much more linear.

Zlejedi said:
I dislike them with passion nothing is synonimous with boredom like open world game for me.

I want my games to be an interactive story and you can't make good story in open world game.

Arkham City says hi

Open World games are boring IMO.

I like linear games with a good story.

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so long as other types of games aren't made due to them they are inconsequential even if I usually don't care for them. 2 weapon, health regeneration, and iron sight shooting, now that I'm sick of, HURRAH for resistance 3


NOW A PUNISHER CAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d21lewis said:

Loved GTA 3. Got tired of the Genre by the time Vice City came out. I tolerated True Crime. Never finished True Crime New York. Hated the Spider-Man games (SM2, Ultimate Spiderman), like Hulk Ultimate Destruction, loved GTA San Andreas, hated Saints Row 1, hated GTA4, loved Saints Row 2, LLOVED Red Dead Redemption, didn't get ten minutes into Undead Nightmare, really liked Saints Row 3, couldn't stomach No More Heroes 1 and 2 and I feel that Arkham City is a 10/10 game.

So, to answer your question: I have no fucking idea.

Great post. Similiar sentiments here. Hard to say as it depends on the game. I find Skyrim's and Fallout's bit overwhelming though. Assassin's Creed and Batman's are much more manageable. 

chocoloco said:
RolStoppable said:
No, because I didn't like them in the first place. You just keep looking for something interesting to do, whether that is the story, optional quests or random nonsense, but nothing's there.

Has there ever been a real open world game on Nintendo consoles? Because I cannot think of any off hand. Most of them I could think of would be the old NES or SNES Zeldas , but all the 3D Zeldas or any other Nitendo game I can think of was only a psuedo-open world game.

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cr00mz said:
I don't mind open world games, as long as they are good like Just Cause 2 or Crackdown. Just cause 2 is the best open world game ever made. Spent dozens of hours just playing around the island, conquering every military base, city/village, etc. Taking the helicopter and just flying all over the place, skydiving. It doesn't hurt that the island is so incredibly varied, with jungles, snow covered mountains and deserts.

Unfortunately most open world games I've played are just dull, They are big, but there is nothing to do in them (nothing fun at least) which makes it boring. Also after a while it gets tedious traveling all over the place, a good example is Red Dead Redemption, in the end i just used quick travel.

Different tastes. I like open world games too but Just Cause 2 and Crackdown are 2 games that I don't enjoy at all. After the demo I was already bored with the whole concept. It feels like a giant checklist, checking of places to conquer.
RDR kept me interested by it's story and immersive landscape. I didn't even know it had a fast travel option. The open world of SotC is one of the most immersive I've seen and yet there's almost nothing to do in it.
Assasin's creed II is a good middle ground. Good story with beginning, middle and end, some sidequests but not overwhelming, and some what I call checklist activities, discover/collect/kill/conquer/upgrade x nr of things.

There are bad open world games and good open world games. Why would I be tired of the good ones?