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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Who got Ocarina of Time 3D? Impressions?

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ZaP~ said:
I want to have it :( You lucky guys!!
2 days to go, but most probable will be 3-4 since the shipping is slow

Even then you'll have it sooner than our poor Australian fellows.

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One thing I was impressed while reading a review was the gyro-control for first person view. It's a feature I'd like to be further explored in both the 3DS and WiiU.

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It's the best version of the best game of all time. 'Nuff said...

Oh alright then

The 3D really adds to the game, and that includes stuff coming OUT of the screen at you, as well as adding depth! The depth makes the graphics (which look great) look even, and the new lick of paint given to character models and shops (go into shops, and the shelves are packed with items etc. and there's posters of other areas of the game around as well) make it feel much better.

As for the gyroscope, it works well! It was an amazing moment moving the 3DS in 1st person mode, looking outside through the window and seeing the beauty of Hyrule field. It's a shame you can't use both the 3D effect and the gyroscope though, but it isn't hard to move a switch up and down now is it?

Oh, the new item system and maps system works well too. I'm just entering Zora's Domain, and I'm hooked all over again, and I've played every single version going (bar, sadly, the original). You'd be an idiot to miss out on this game...



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TomaTito said:

One thing I was impressed while reading a review was the gyro-control for first person view. It's a feature I'd like to be further explored in both the 3DS and WiiU.

The gyro control is awesome!

Aiming is so easy now!

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Just beat the second dungeon... haven't played the game in atleast 8 years... still remember alot of things


Ohh and the game is still the greatest game I've ever played

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I haven't played the game in 11 or 12 years and forgot a lot! :/
But the good thing is it almost feels like a new game because of that. :)

Need something off Play-Asia?

I did! AWESOME! ^^

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manuel said:

Aiming is so easy now!

See. Nintendo making games too easy to play! Zelda is a kiddy game now.

I would also like to add that the game looks better graphically when one is playing it that it does in videos and screenshots. When I first saw screenshots of the game, I remember thinking it didn't look much better than Majora's Mask, but now that I'm playing it, it looks much better now.  It's  not up to the graphical standard that the RE games on 3DS are, but Grezzo has done a good job IMO.

The 3D effects are really put to good use too.

Can not wait.... until.... tomorrow! I also really want the OST. (I know it would be easy to pirate but I want to rip it myself in flac and have the artwork and the legit-ness of collectible-ness.)

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