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Forums - Sales Discussion - Kinect games sales .... not so hot.

Kasz216 said:
crissindahouse said:
Kasz216 said:
Squilliam said:

Well based on a rough calculation the attach rate for Kinect games is currently around 0.66 exclusive of Kinect adventures, 1.66 inclusive. That isn't too bad for a platform which is only about a month old on average.

That actually does sound bad.  Not for Kinect since it's more a peripherial then platform... but I thought the average amount of games bought per new system was usually 2.5.

Meaning you'd expect a 2.5 attach rate to start.

but at the same time the xbox gets normal games as well. if there will be a new xbox everyone who buys this will buy games just for it. but many people who bought lets say a kinect xbox bundle bought cod or whatever for it as second/third game. and people who already had an xbox will even more buy "normal" games to their kinect stuff...

kinect games will rise the 360 ratio but normal 360 games won't rise the kinect ratio ;)

That's why I said "That does sound bad.  Not for kinect".

I meant for a regular platform it would be bad, but as an add on it's fine.

ahh ok my english... ;)



i know its a bad comparison but if you look at the american sales for normal 360 games at the time 360 reached  4m console sales in america you guys who criticise the kinect sales will see that there werent a lot of games having much better overal sales then the kinect games have now after kinect sold  4m units. just a few super hits had over 500k and those did cost a lot more to develop...


for example, sonic had  57k so why should the kinect sonic have 1m sales or whatever you expect? it had more competition, sure but kinect games compete with normal 360 games as well and i bet most kinect games will have better legs than those games in the list except maybe fighters uncaged and flops like this.

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It would be really nice if VGChartz would have been better at keeping track of the total sales of games for the old Sega addons. Then it would be easier to see if trends are repeating themselves, or being broken.

I was thinking about this, and looking at Mega CD sales, it does have a game that did well for itself. Sonic CD sold over 1.5 million, wich is, for its time very impressive, and even more impressive since its on the Sega CD. Road Avenger might have done well for itself, becasue it was bundeled, but sadly its sales are not tracked.

32X game sales are missing completely from the VGC database :( And calculating the attach rate for the addons is probably impossible for me.

Anyway, the Kinect does have a couple of games that are doing well, like Kinect Adventures, and Dance Central. But looking at the majority of the Kinect library at this point, even though they stand out because of being launch titles, most games' total sales are very similar to Mega CD game sales (Of course, they will probably grow, but the market have changed over time, and that needs to be taken into consideration)

I guess my point of this is that, Kinect may be following the same trend as the MegaDrive addons, but it's really hard to tell.

I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up either way.



Kinect games are selling fine. I just looked at the Move games quickly and the sales are not mind-blowing...


sports champions = 1,28


eyepet = 0,72


start the party = 0,13


singstar dance = 0,10


the fight : lights out = 0,09


kung fu rider = 0,08


the shoot = 0,06


high velocity bowling = 0,03