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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Addicting Games You Had To Force Yourself to Stop Playing?

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What are some games you had to force yourself to stop playing because they are such time sinks.

The latest example for me is Gran Turismo 7. i have put about 75 hours into it so far. That is a lot for me. I have not played it at all since the start of the new year because I want to spend time on other games in my backlog. Also I have other priorities in life. I feel like I could be very productive if I spent 75 hours on a task or goal.

How about you?

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Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom were insanely hard to pull away from like that, I'd sit down, play for a bit, look at the clock and somehow hours had passed by already.

Blizzard games of the past.

Didn't even play WOW but yea people had 1000's of hours in it. Some found their soulmates there. Others ruined their lives. 

I played Hearthstone and Overwatch for 1500-2000 hours. Then you get into following their esports scene too. Good lord. 

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Most of my favorite PC games.

World of Warcraft- 13,000+ hours

League of Legends- 3000+ hours

Age of Empires 2- 665 hours

Hearts of Iron IV- 410 hours

I tell myself I could be completing a JRPG rather than playing more of these games. My mind and body much prefers PC games, due to laziness I think. I managed to play each and every one of these games for more than 100 hours in 2023, and in actuality much more, that is 4-5 JRPGs I could have completed instead if not 10-15 if I kept track properly.

I force myself to quit them for periods of time. My subscription for WoW ended on Christmas Eve, and won't be renewed unless my best buddies play it. League of Legends I quit every 4 months at least due to Riot and toxicity. For Hearts of Iron IV, I ban myself from playing it on weekdays due to too many worknights affecting my sleep. As for Age of Empires 2, I have pretty much gotten over the game after excessive DLC.

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Tlou2,gow ragnarok,death stranding, Returnal, alan wake, control totk.

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I never experienced this myself with a single game. I don't game that much, if I put 50 hours into a game it's a lot. I do sometimes have spells where I'll play more than I should (in terms of time consumption) but that never lasts long and it's always manageable. 

I did, however, use to play games together with a group of friends and at some point the whole group (except myself) started playing Dota 2 excessively. They always wanted me to join, but the game just seemed like a huge time sink. They all racked up like 10,000+ hours of game time and apparently you're still considered a Dota 2 noob at that point. A friend of mine still plays the game and I think he's at 20,000+ hours now, which is absolutely insane for someone who isn't into the game (I think my most played game of all time is Advance Wars Dual Strike on the DS with 250 hours, which I played on and off for years). He tends to have spells where he just plays Dota 2 excessively for hours and hours and then he has to force himself to stop playing for a few weeks or months. He literally won't leave his house during his Dota addiction spells. It makes me worried at times. 

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gran turismo 6
breath of the wild

An old browser game called Utopia from like 20-25 years ago. I was heavily involved in the alliance culture, we’d coordinate attacks from around the world using ICQ, IRC, and SMS (yes, using personal contact info). I also directed the strategy of all the players in my Kingdom using Excel. I also dated multiple girls who played the game, and had (on multiple occasions) spend most of the day on the browser game. I think it’s fair to say I was addicted and probably needed some therapy - the game did negatively impact my life.

I only realized how dumb and irresponsible with my life I was being after I quit.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

I cold turkied myself from League earlier this year. I'd been playing loads for years, only sometimes a couple of games a day if that still, admittingly enjoy much of it to a point. I started playing around the time I stopped reading comics so think it was a substitute. I got into the lore and gameplay, discussion on it but overtime just became an ARAM player, then back in like May or June, I felt like something switched in my head and I didn't have the desire to play so just stopped. Haven't logged into the client since, don't think I ever will again.

Hmm, pie.

Never felt this way towards any single game. Might feel like I spend to much time in general playing video games but no game have by itself gotten me that hooked.
Instead I have multiple games that I love but fail to find a reason to play since I already done everything that I find meaningful in them.