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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 10/20 edition (yeah a bit late)


Did you/Will you buy either of the big two from 10/20?

I bought Spider-Man 2 111 12.60%
I bought Super Mario Bros. Wonder. 306 34.73%
I bought both games 48 5.45%
I bought Spider-Man 2 but... 21 2.38%
I bought Mario Wonder but... 28 3.18%
Not yet, but I plan to get Spider-Man 2 61 6.92%
Not yet, but I plan to ge... 131 14.87%
Not yet, but I plan to get both. 57 6.47%
Not interested in either game 118 13.39%

So the Barbenheimer of gaming happened last month. Spider-Man 2 and Mario Wonder started off as two of the fastest selling games in their respective series. Did you indulge in either game? Are you planning on it? 

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I predordered both (but I'm not fond of preordering most of the time). I got Spider-Man 2 physically and Super Mario Bros. Wonder digitally. I platinumed Spider-Man but haven't finished the main quest of Mario yet.

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Haven't bought either of them yet but plan on getting both at some point when they're cheaper.

Not yet; I still haven't bought/completed their predecessors and I'd like to do that first, especially in the case of Spider-Man.

Got Mario Bros Wonder day 1; it's a fantastic game, if not for Tears of the Kingdom I would've said it's the best Switch game in years.
Spiderman isn't really my cup of tea, I am super burned out on superheroes after the last ten years of the genre being so oversaturated.

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I bought Super Mario Bros Wonder (pre-ordered).

97 out of 100 game.

One of the best games I've ever played.

I'll get Spider-Man 2 later because I still need to play the first one and Morales on PS5.

I'll buy Super Mario Bros. Wonder sometime next year and Spider-Man 2 (like with all PS games) once it comes to PC. 

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I got a copy of Super Mario Wonder on Tuesday for only $18 (I had a bunch of discount codes saved up from GameStop), though I haven't played it yet since I'm still working on other games in my backlog. I might pick up a copy of Spider-Man 2 some time next year once it gets cheaper.


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I can see myself getting both at some point, though not for a long time yet.

Bought and finished both.

Really liked both but not quite as much as other people.

For Spider-man, I think it's good but not as good as the first one. The main campaign is great but a bit less tight than the first go around. I was really hoping for an improvement on the sidequests and open world element and that really didn't happen. I think they're getting to the point where they need to change up the formula, so hopefully that happens in the future. It's getting to the point where it's kind of like gaming comfort food where I know I'll have a good time, but it's not going to blow me away.

Mario Wonder is just a really good platformer. I really have no complaints. I'm just not getting how it's vastly better than other 2D platformers. I haven't done the bonus optional levels which tend to have the best ideas in Mario games, so maybe those will put it over the top.