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Forums - Sony Discussion - Will Monster Hunter World be a Mult Million Seller in Japan? (2mil+)

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Theres 6m+ PS4 users in japan.... and lifetime sales should be over 10m atleast.

For MHW to do 2m lifetime, they ll need a ~20% attach rate.
Hopefully it can do that.

If I were to guess,I'd guess that it has something like a 30% chance of reaching 2 million life-time. I think it will end at about 1.8 million, though, considering the current COMG performance and if one extrapolates from past COMG performances of Monster Hunter games. 

So it is certainly possible, but if I were forced to bet I'd reluctantly bet against it. 

FW it should sell something like 1.05 million. 

edit: With digital it might be guaranteed though. I'm only talking about physical sales. 

I hope it becomes one, just to see Resetera fuming 

It will not, but I don't think it'll be far away. I'm thinking a FW of 975k and a LT of 1.8m. Even with the revised expectations (i.e. people are no longer dooming it to sub-1m JP sales), it'll still do better than most predicted.

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It would need a very high attach ratio in PS4... but it is possible

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IMO 1 millions is passable. 1.5 million is a success. Everything after that is gravy. Mmmm...gravy.

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First week I expect it to sell at least 1m and lifetime it has an outside chance at 2m+.

With digital it has a high chance imo, but if sales drop like a rock after FW like some games do then it might not.

1.8m+ would be a pretty good result.

Signalstar said:
IMO 1 millions is passable. 1.5 million is a success. Everything after that is gravy. Mmmm...gravy.

Monster Hunter 4 did more than 3 million. How can 1.5 million for probably the most expensive MonHun ever a success?

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