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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How much will Monster Hunter World sell?


How much will Monster Hunter World sell?

<2M 70 23.49%
2M-3M 78 26.17%
3M-4M 38 12.75%
4M-5M 14 4.70%
5M-6M 14 4.70%
6M-8M 11 3.69%
8M-10M 4 1.34%
>10M 16 5.37%
Crapcom sucks 24 8.05%
see results 29 9.73%

Update: Result so far: "In August 2018, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter World had shipped over 10 million copies between all platforms"



Undoubtly the biggest news from E3 was the announcement of Monster Hunter World. And while Monster Hunter titles sell usually pretty stable, this adds uncertainty by switching back to home console. So how will this work out?

How much will the title sell between all platforms? Will it grow in the West? Will it decline in Japan? Will PC and Xbox be able to sell significant numbers compared to the PS4 version? A lot to think about. So what do you think?

Some reference points:

Best selling title: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP, 2008) - 5.48M global

Bestseller in japan: Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (PSP, 2010) - 4.87M in Japan

western bestseller: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS, 2014) - 0.71M in the US, 0.48M in europe = 1.19M (3.94M global)

best selling home console title: Monster Hunter Tri (Wii, 2009) - 2.22M global

best selling multiplat: Monster hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS+WiiU, 2011/12) - 2.79M 3DS  + 0.69M WiiU = 3.48M

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2.5m absolute maximum. Honestly expecting less.

It's going to bomb compared to what it could have sold on the Switch. #imnotbitter

It'll do quite well on PC, better then most think.

Combined all platforms... should be over 2.5m.

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My bet is that this game will be lucky to sell 2.5 million.
MH is all about mobility in Japan so they aren't going to be buying this version. The west is fickle and only like what they like, so this will be deemed as another niche Japanese title to most.

around 3m. 2m on the ps4 and 1m on xbox one + pc.

3 mil if released on Switch.

in any case Switch will have more sales than all other consoles combined!


I think 2m is achievable if they don't fuck up the PC version. Anything above 2.5m would be amazing.

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I would be surprised if it's above 2 million. MH didn't do big numbers on the Wii so i don't expect much change on that field.

Just 2 million wil be a big failure for Capcom in any case.

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