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Forums - General Discussion - "The Man Thread" Have you done anything Manly today? Males of Vgchartz Database incoming'

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Were you a MAN today?

Fuck yeah 8 72.73%
Yes 0 0%
I drank coffee black today 0 0%
I wrestled Crocodile Dundee today 0 0%
Chuck Norris starred at my package today 2 18.18%
no 0 0%


Have you always wanted to be a Manly Man, but just did not know how to be one? Well welcome to the site that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about being a Manly Man.


Man will always be capitalized.

Women may not post or risk being permabanned

There is no reporting like a little girl

Must post something manly, or post in a manly way while posting

Swear to only drink Whiskey (bonus points if you do this while smoking a stogie)

Rules are for Math teachers so disregard everything above


History of Man

Man started out as a pile of ooze that leaked out of some Dinosaurs ass. We have come a long ways over the past 500,000 years! From that small step out of the pot we have had nothing but success in our evolution to what we are now. From the beginning we were already getting hard. As the ooze hardened into pure awesomeness that would eventually become some sort of walking tadpole fish we realized that we had a role in the Universe. We knew that we did not want to remain as some asshole fish. So we willed ourselves into Ape form. After all facial and body hair is part of what is so wonderful about being a man. Quickly we realized that chicks did not like that much hair, so we called up God, had a few beers with him, and eventually beat him at a game of Spades. After beating him at his own dirty game we got him to take away the facial hair and turn us into what we are now. MEN! The rest is history.


  1. Built Great Wall of China
  2. Discovered the Sun
  3. Took on the Catholic church
  4. Got Drunk and went Streaking
  5. Invaded Normandy
  6. Kicked the Black Plagues Ass
  7. Other cool ass shit